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E. Coli Cucumber Deaths Escalate in Germany, 18 Now Reported Dead, Rare Deadly Strain Is Spreading Across Europe (video)

| June 2, 2011

  Beyond scary — E. coli-tainted cucumbers originating in Spain are believed by some science experts to be the source for a growing number of food poisoning deaths in Germany. Eighteen people are now reported dead and hundreds more sickened. Preliminary genetic sequencing suggests to biologists that the strain is a never-before-seen combination of two […]

Chicago Favoritism: White House Deal Gives Free Internet & Computers… Thank You, Obama & Comcast!

| June 2, 2011

How’s that “hopenchange” workin’ for ya, America? From American Thinker, Who gets nearly free internet and computers?: If this isn’t blatant favoritism I don’t know what is. As part of the White House’s deal to permit Comcast to buy NBC Universal, the government forced Comcast to promise to provide, according to Abby W. Schacter of […]

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