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Sarah Palin & Paul Revere Warning the British: Oops, Sarah Was Right, Left-wing Media WRONG (video)

| June 4, 2011

Myths to dispel: Mama Cass Elliot did not die from choking on a ham sandwich. Sarah Palin was dead-on correct about Paul Revere warning the British. Oops. The leftwing media’s attack on the former governor of Alaska has again backfired. Seems they took their American history lesson solely from what they vaguely recall from the […]

Weekend Matinee: Weinergate Political Cartoon Festival & Late-Night Joke Fest (video)

| June 4, 2011

  Saturday afternoon movie matinees were never like this when I was a kid… that nostril-twisting burning smell coming from the lobby isn’t scorched popcorn, but it could be New York Rep. Anthony “Tweet Me, Baby!” Weiner’s career going up in smoke. In addition to the lewd photo being tweeted to college coed Gennette Nicole […]

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