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Fab Food Friday Fotos: Mocha Marshmallows, Chicken & Rice, Spanish Lentil & Mushroom Stew, Chocolate Cake Waffle Batter, Eggplant Risotto, Rustic Chicken & Pancetta Stew, Baked Crab Cakes, & Easy Recipes

| June 10, 2011

With the escalating “Weinergate” scandal of the sexting, steamy emails, and lewd photos of New York’s Democrat congressman Anthony Weiner to young college students and strippers across the country, I half-considered devoting today’s Fab Food edition to BBQ wieners and weenie roasts, all-beef hot dogs, spicy sausages, kielbasa, tube steak, bratwurst, and the like. But, […]

Best “Oops” Leftist Quote of the Week on Weinergate

| June 10, 2011

  It’s both strange and delicious that leftwing extremist Alec Baldwin is supporting disgraced Tony Weiner on his Weinergate twitpic scandal. Not many men call their 12-year-old daughters “thoughtless, rude pigs” nor publicly defend lying scumbag politicians who photograph their “junk” and cyber-send it to young women. However, most high-profile liberals are being silent this […]

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