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You Knew It Would Happen… An Anthony Weiner Doll, With or Without His Exposed “Package”

| June 13, 2011

This Obama “Rambama” action figure doll came out last month following the Navy SEALs’ takedown in Pakistan of al Qaeda monster Osama bin Laden…   H/t Mcnorman’s Weblog… bet the Democrat party would love to turn back the clock to when the headlines were about Osama bin Laden and not about Weinergate and Rep. Anthony […]

Palin’s Emails: Nothing Damaging Found, to Embarrassment of Left-wing Media, but They Continue to Dig (video)

| June 13, 2011

  And the assaults on this intelligent, compassionate woman and her family continue. The left-wing media has been pouring over, analyzing, sifting through, and whining about the thousands upon thousands of emails written by former Gov. Sarah Palin that they are dissecting, cherry-picking, hoping desperately to find something incriminating, something vile and dirty, some weapon […]

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