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Ban-Crazy San Francisco Does It Again: Nanny-State City Considers Banning Sales of Pet Goldfish, Tropical Fish, & Guppies (video)

| June 16, 2011

The upside-down, freakish world of statist politics and all its freedom-robbing mandates is well represented by the elected kooks in San Francisco, aka “Ban” Francisco. And now we can add pet fish to the “gazillion things that San Francisco liberals want to ban” list. It’s all part of a new, vague plan intended to stop […]

This Just In — Anthony Weiner Will Resign from Congress

| June 16, 2011

  The story broke at the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend that a lewd photo of New York Democrat congressman Anthony Weiner had been accidentally sent via Twitter to thousands of his followers. It was intended for a college student in Seattle. In the days that followed, more compromising, controversial photos surfaced, more women […]

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