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Frugal Duchess: Kate Recycles Her Wardrobe, Rejects ‘Only-One-Wear’ Policy with Her Clothes to Chagrin of Critics, Delight of Others (video)

Posted By on June 19, 2011

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, at Prince Philip's 90th birthday, received comments for wearing a dress she had worn previously


I’m impressed by this woman’s money-awareness sensibilities more and more, by her efforts to continue to be a frugalista even though she is now a member of British royalty.

The new Duchess of Cambridge, the former Kate Middleton, stunned some royal watchers when she recently wore a coat dress to Prince Philip’s 90’th birthday celebration that she had worn to a previous event.

She’s recycled her wardrobe before, wearing an outfit more than once, horrifying some British elitists, royalty watchers, and fashion critics. Others are impressed with her attitude during these financially rocky times, and have compared her to Prince William’s mother, the late Princess Diana.

While extravagant expectations are made by the media of members of royalty being the pinnacle of high-end fashion, especially when traveling, Duchess Kate has said she believes in recycling her wardrobe to keep down personal expenses and to not “be a clothes horse.” Much like the rest of us commoners who struggle to make ends meet during these stressful economic times.

At least, Kate has so far.

Reported by, Fashion savvy Kate Middleton rejects ‘only-one-wear’ policy for outfits:

CATHERINE the Duchess of Cambridge has echoed the words of Princess Diana, insisting she won’t be a “clothes horse” after being scolded by royal watchers for wearing dresses more than once.

When she joined the royal family Kate, 29, vowed not to accept freebies from fashion outlets. She has kept her word – in part by rejecting the “only-one-wear” policy, reported The Daily Telegraph.

This month she wore the same dress to a friend’s wedding that she wore to a nightclub in 2007. She also celebrated the 90th birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh in the same periwinkle blue Jacquard coat dress she wore to the 2009 wedding of her husband’s close friend, Nicholas van Cutsem.

While some royal watchers are horrified, Kate told a friend: “Times are tough – I cannot be expected to wear a new outfit for every royal engagement. I am not a fashion model.”

CelebTV: Kate Middleton’s Stylish Weekend – Even the Duchess Recycles


From US Magazine, Kate Middleton Recycles Outfit for Prince Philip’s B-Day Bash:

Even the future Queen of England has the right to reuse and recycle key pieces in her world-famous wardrobe.

After feteing Queen Elizabeth’s 85th birthday and a pal’s wedding on Saturday, Duchess Catherine hit yet another public event in rainy, windy London on Sunday. With new hubby Prince William at her side, Kate, 29, attended a service at St. George’s Chapel in honor of Prince Philip’s 90th birthday. (In addition to Philip and Queen Elizabeth, fellow royals Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, Zara Phillips, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were also spotted at the event.)

To mark the occasion, Kate wore a blue Jacquard coat dress and a matching fascinator.

The cute periwinkle outfit may be familiar to the more studious royal watchers: Kate wore the exact same ensemble at the 2009 wedding of Nicholas van Cutsem, a close pal of William, 29. She also wore the same nude LK Bennett heels that both she and sister Pippa have been wearing out and about of late.

From The Mirror, Kate Middleton’s a true blue belle in ‘recycled’ azure coat for Prince Philip’s birthday celebrations:

THE new Duchess of Cam­­bridge blue them away again yesterday.

Kate, 29, helped brighten up Prince Philip’s birthday in an eye-catching azure outfit.

And the thrifty royal got extra credit for recycling it – as she wore the same coat to a friend’s wedding two years ago.

Kate was one of an entourage of female royals in the pews of St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, to honour the Duke of Edinburgh at 90.

Prince William, 28, arrived with his wife, who was stunning in a lavender blue coat dress and cream LK Bennett heels.

The, The dressy Duchess of dollars and sense, Catherine Middleton:

The friend told The Daily Telegraph: “The Duchess is aware people are struggling in the current economic climate.

“Changing outfits for every engagement is simply not practical or affordable and would send the wrong message.”

Staying chic for royal occasions is expensive. The wardrobe costs of her Canadian tour at the end of the month are expected to top $40,000.

Palace officials have declined to say whether the Duchess receives the discount on clothing usually offered to top order celebrities. She is known to favour sale items and also shops online.

Diana once said “I am not a clothes horse” after being criticised for wearing jeans and a shirt on a charity trip to Africa.

From The Australian, Something borrowed fits the bill for Duchess of Cambridge:

THE Duchess of Cambridge may have to borrow expensive fashion items to meet expectations for her wardrobe as her royal duties increase, say palace sources.

The duchess, who vowed to accept no “freebies”, has been seen in clothing worth thousands of pounds since becoming a royal.

Last weekend, she wore outfits worth £12,000 ($18,300) as she appeared at a series of engagements in dresses and coats with matching shoes, hats and clutch bags.

Her wardrobe – a mix of the high street and made-to-measure couture – is funded from the income Prince William receives from the Prince of Wales’s Duchy of Cornwall estate. But the price of clothing her in a style that champions British designers will soar.

The cost of outfits for her trip to Canada and Los Angeles, starting on June 30, is expected to top £40,000.

Palace sources say the duchess is having to rethink how she acquires high-end fashion. While she is not going back on her decision not to accept gifts, she may begin to consider loans “where it is practical to do so”.

It is common for fashion houses to offer discounts ranging from 20 per cent to 40 per cent to celebrities, hoping for valuable exposure for their labels.

Selfridges and Liberty, the department stores, typically offer 20 per cent to favoured customers; luxury brands such as Prada offer 30 per cent.

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  1. mcnorman says:

    It would be lovely if she could drop a hint to Meechelda, wouldn’t it?

    I do believe this young woman keeps the Prince grounded. Something his mum would have very much liked about her.

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    Yes! I love this woman already. I’ve been hoping and hoping that one day those in the paparazzi lenses would say “no”. Who cares if it’s a re-do? And, yep, our own self styled royal PITA could learn a thing or two from the princess here.