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Saab Sob Story: Saab Auto Workers’ Union Raises Bankruptcy Threat over Not Paying Workers (video)

| June 23, 2011

  Saab, the innovative car company that came up with the awesome PhoeniX concept, may be headed for bankruptcy action over unpaid wages. Nothing’s safe anymore. Not even Saab. From New York Times, Saab Workers Miss a Paycheck: PARIS — The outlook for Saab took a turn for the worse on Thursday, after the automaker’s […]

Dizzying: Every 60 Seconds on the Internet…

| June 23, 2011

  And you thought you were busy. The multi-hued chart below, delineating and detailing the thousands upon thousands of activities that are conducted worldwide every minute on the Internet, prompts more thorny questions. Of the 168,000,000-plus emails that are reportedly sent through cyberspace every 60 seconds, how many of them are from the Democrat party, […]

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