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‘Utspring’ Outrage: Nude Baby Photo on Swedish Graduation Sign Reported for Child Pornography (video)

| June 26, 2011

My husband, who is part Swedish, knew nothing about the quirky Swedish custom of families and friends creating cute or embarrassing homemade signs, often with childhood or baby photos, for their utspring, or graduating students upon graduation. But, he did roll his eyes when I told him about the child porn charge. Didn’t Sweden use […]

Obama’s Most Grievous Blunder to Date: Mixes Up Medal of Honor Winners, Forgets SFC Jared Monti’s Heroic Death (video)

| June 26, 2011

  If only the utopia-in-the-sky blinders would be ripped from the eyes of the liberal media for a brief few minutes. They are woefully oblivious to, or purposefully burying, the myriad gaffes, lies, and blunders uttered by our hapless Commander in Chief. Below is the video of Obama’s most grievous mistake to date — he […]

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