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America: Moving, New Patriotic Song Just in Time for Fourth of July (video)

Posted By on July 2, 2011

America’s 235th birthday is just days away — composer/singer Glen Shulfer, a former lead guitarist with The Grass Roots, sent me an email about a new song he wrote that pays tribute to America and reflects the current atmosphere of fears and concerns in our nation. Emotionally raw, but a song still filled with hope and strength. Much like America has been since our founding fathers courageously, wisely — and against the odds of any success — set our nation onto a path of independence, a rocky road to freedom from the oppression of tyranny. The song also pays tribute to our brave men and women in the armed forces who serve to protect and defend America, who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

As you may recall, Glen also wrote and performed the excellent “Union Man” (click here for the music video) that summarized his observations and impressions during the violent protests in April with “give-me-more” government union protesters in Madison, Wisconsin.

From Glen’s email:

As we approach the 4th of July, I’d like to share a Conservative patriotic song that I have written entitled “America”. It pays tribute to our troops, American values, and the spirit of America, while taking jabs at political correctness and Obama.

Several lyrics from his poignant, powerful song:

America, we can see the tears you cry.
And while your fears intensify, we will never let you die!

We are proud to be American.
We will never let her down, we got to help her off the ground.

America, you are more than land and sea.
You have a spirit that is free, to protect our liberty.

Watch it. Share it. Watch it again.

Well done, Glen — God bless America.

America – Written & Performed by Glen Shulfer


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