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Karma: Leftwing Actress Jane Fonda Canceled at QVC for Her Past Propaganda Against America and Military, Consorting with the Enemy (video)

Posted By on July 16, 2011

Egomania: Aging leftist actress Jane Fonda proudly wearing a t-shirt with her 1970 police mugshot on it


Karma is a bitch, Jane.

Your ultra-leftwing, anti-American, anti-military, Communist-embracing crapolla from the past (and some not too long ago) has finally caught up with you. QVC viewers exercised their freedom of speech and told the shopping channel that they would boycott if you appeared to push your latest book.

QVC listened.

Hear that sound, Hanoi Jane? That’s thousands upon thousands of our military veterans and American patriots applauding QVC. Many still consider you a traitor.

No one is criticizing Fonda’s criticism of the Vietnam War — it was her being pals with the enemy, her vicious smearing and denouncing of our brave troops in ten radio broadcasts that few patriots and vets can forget. A year later, she said in an April 7, 1973 NYT interview that perhaps some POWS were tortured by the North Vietnamese, but that most who were saying they had been tortured were liars.

Reminder: During a 1972 trip to North Vietnam, Fonda (not a young, naive college-aged activist at the time, she was 34 years old), her then-husband political activist Tom Hayden, and others propagandized on behalf of the North Vietnamese government. Fonda publicly declared that American POWs were being treated humanely and condemned our U.S. soldiers as “war criminals” and later denounced them as liars for claiming they had been tortured.

I’m sure Sen. John McCain, a tortured POW, and countless other brave soldiers who were captured, tortured, starved, and/or killed in POW camps would disagree with her.


Related reading update, March 27, 2012: Vomit-worthy: Leftist Radical “Hanoi Jane” Fonda to Play Nancy Reagan in “The Butler”


Photos from 1972 of Jane Fonda wearing a steel pot from the Communist NVA gun crew in North Vietnam - in the left photo are anti-aircraft shells by Fonda's foot that are ready to be used to shoot down American planes

H/t to Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit, who also wrote, “In 1972 “Hanoi” Jane Fonda applauded an NVA anti-aircraft gun crew during her trip to North Vietnam. These guns were used to shoot down American planes and contributed to the deaths of American Airmen. But Jane Fonda thinks she’s suffered enough. Hanoi Jane whined after being dumped from QVC after they received several calls criticizing her for her previous propaganda work with the North Vietnamese.”

Fonda sent out this tweet today a few hours ago:

Jane Fonda's tweet of lament: 'QVC Cancelled My Appearance'

Whining and conservative-bashing from Jane Fonda on her website

I was to have been on QVC today to introduce my book, “Prime Time,” about aging and the life cycle. The network said they got a lot of calls yesterday criticizing me for my opposition to the Vietnam War and threatening to boycott the show if I was allowed to appear. I am, to say the least, deeply disappointed that QVC caved to this kind of insane pressure by some well funded and organized political extremist groups. And that they did it without talking to me first. I have never shied away from talking about this as I have nothing to hide. I could have pointed out that threats of boycotts are nothing new for me and have never prevented me from having best selling books and exercise DVDs, films, and a Broadway play. Most people don’t buy into the far right lies. Many people have reached out to express how excited they were about my going onto QVC and hearing about my book.

Bottom line, this has gone on far too long, this spreading of lies about me! None of it is true. NONE OF IT! I love my country. I have never done anything to hurt my country or the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us.

Boo hoo and BS.

Scared Monkeys Radio: Hanoi Jane, Shut Up (2007)


Jane Fonda & UC Berkeley Students Applaud Shooting Down of American B-52’s (1970s)


From John Nolte at Big Hollywood, Jane Fonda Blames Canceled QVC Appearance on the ‘Right Wing’:

Should a two-time Oscar-winner like Jane Fonda really be making a spectacle out of the fact that she wanted to appear on a home-shopping channel? What’s next? “Damn those righties! I was looking forward to cutting the ribbon at that grocery store with Leif Garrett!”


No one’s criticizing Fonda for her “opposition to the Vietnam War.” It was hanging out with the enemy and propagandizing on their behalf that upsets people. This isn’t 1968 anymore. If nothing else, the Left has figured out that while this country is okay with opposition and protest, the days of tres chic trashing of the troops are long past and beyond the boundaries of decency.

Good people in America are just hating you back, Ms. Fonda. Don’t be so thin-skinned. You started it.

Thirty-two years later, Fonda finally admitted in a 60 Minutes interview that her 1972 trip was a mistake and a “lapse in judgment.” Is there an apology in there somewhere?

Too little, too late, Jane.

Back in January, in a tweet sent to her followers, Fonda also jumped on the “blame conservatives” bandwagon and blamed Sarah Palin without a shred of evidence for the horrific Tucson massacre committed by a deranged madman.

Statement made by Hanoi Jane, in 1970:

“It’s my fondest wish, that some day, every American will get down on their knees and pray to God that some day they will have the opportunity to live in a Communist Society.”

This from a woman who is wealthy beyond belief because of non-Communist, free market principles. Having film legend Henry Fonda as her dad certainly didn’t hurt, and may have contributed to the American film-going public not running her out of Tinsel Town on a commie rail.

UPDATE: The Other McCain has provided more historical accountings of Fonda’s anti-military rhetoric and activities, including this:

In July-August 1972 Fonda made her infamous trip to North Vietnam. By this time, over 50,000 Americans had been killed in the war. While there, she posed for pictures on an anti-aircraft gun that had been used to shoot down American planes, and she volunteered to do a radio broadcast from Hanoi. She made approximately eight radio addresses, during which she told American pilots in the area:

“Use of these bombs or condoning the use of these bombs makes one a war criminal … Examine the reasons given to justify the murder you are being paid to commit … I don’t know what your officers tell you … but [your] weapons are illegal and that’s not just rhetoric … The men who are ordering you to use these weapons are war criminals according to international law, and in the past, in Germany and Japan, men who committed these kinds of crimes were tried and executed.”

Fonda also quoted Ho Chi Minh during some of these broadcasts. She referred to President Richard Nixon as a “new-type Hitler,” and advised South Vietnamese soldiers to desert: “You are being used as cannon fodder for U.S. imperialism.”


Fonda cannot in good conscience accuse her critics of lying. The facts are against her and, if she refuses to recant or apologize for her pro-communist activities, she at least ought to stop unfairly smearing her critics.

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3 Responses to “Karma: Leftwing Actress Jane Fonda Canceled at QVC for Her Past Propaganda Against America and Military, Consorting with the Enemy (video)”

  1. Mike Irwin says:

    After 40 years of enduring right-wing hatred it’s time we looked on Ms Fonda and decided that it’s time to stop punishing an old lady (which is really what she is now – look at the picture you published). If she’d been tried, convicted, and jailed for treasonous activities in 1970 she’s be out of gaol by now, so why not forgive (I didn’t say forget) and hear what she has to say.

    This country is way too polarised these days, with GOP members seemingly unable to get elected without signing a “no new taxes” pledge that’s now preventing any compromise on the Debt Ceiling. Getting that resolved is the thing people should be spending their free time on, not complaining about something that happened 40 years ago.

    • admin says:

      “Enduring right-wing hatred” — because it’s all lollipops and unicorns with Fonda and other liberals now, right, and they’ve been just SO civilized to tea partiers, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachmann, and other conservatives, right? How dare anyone object to more taxes – Obama needs more money, and so, open those wallets. Nothing wrong with raising taxes, right? Nothing wrong with raising the debt ceiling? Nothing wrong with bigger government, right? Nothing wrong with not cutting spending, not eliminating entitlement programs that are draining our country dry. How dare anyone remember how poor little misunderstood millionaire Jane denounced our military, called POWs liars, consorted with the enemy. She has not made amends. QVC watchers don’t have to hear what she has to say if they don’t want to — she can go on Bill Maher’s show or MSNBC or Al Gore’s new liberal channel to hawk her book.

      No one is issuing death threats against Fonda, like liberals have done against Palin, against her family, her children, Wisconsin Republican leaders during the budget cuts there. No one has hung Fonda in effigy, as liberals have Palin. They just don’t want to watch her shill her “getting older life story” on QVC, and were within their rights to threaten boycott of the airing.

      And I’ve written PLENTY about Obama’s inept leadership, stubbornness, overspending, addiction to raising taxes, and his bungling of America’s economic affairs – do a search, Skippy. Your guy stormed out last week like a spoiled prom queen from the talks. Wonder if Bush had done that if you’d be as accommodating. Obama’s idea of “negotiation” is that what he wants he gets, that he calls all the shots and he’s PO’d that he is being challenged. No dice this time.

      Fonda has no sympathy from me unless she makes an effort at amends for what she did to demonize and demoralize our troops in Vietnam. To date, she has not, and now she’s trying to revise history and pretend it never happened, making herself the misunderstood victim.

      Cry me a river.

  2. mcnorman says:

    Too much Botox can cause lapses in memory. Not really. Jane has no excuse and a very short memory.

    I find it interesting that she feels that she must blame someone for the consequences of her actions. It’s called accountability when you grow up. She did it, she should own it. She is no victim, I remember her tactless public behavior during the Vietnam War. She sure piled on high.

    Is she a Barack pal? Sure sounds like the two would get along just fine.