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Run, Rally Squirrel, Run! Scampering Squirrel Crosses Home Plate, Causing “Distraction” During St. Louis Baseball Game, Now Has Fans & Twitter Account (video)

Posted By on October 7, 2011

The "Rally Squirrel' ran in front of home plate during the Cardinals/Phillies game Wednesday night


If a cross-eyed opossum in Germany can have a Facebook account, no reason why a squirrel at Busch Stadium in St. Louis can’t have a Twitter account.

This crazy video of a squirrel dashing in front of home plate and then scampering into the stands during Game 4 of the St. Louis Cardinals/Philadelphia Phillies game has made my morning much brighter. It’s not the first time the furry critter has made an appearance during a game — the squirrel now has thousands of followers on Twitter.

Squirrel Returns on the Field at Game 4 NLDS 2011 – Phillies vs. Cardinals


From New York Times, Who Needs a Black Cat? Rally Squirrel Toys With the Phillies:

PHILADELPHIA — Fans in St. Louis had not seen anything this elusive at Busch Stadium since Lou Brock or, come to think of it, anything this furry since Al Hrabosky.

In the fifth inning of Game 4 of the National League division series, a squirrel darted across home plate, distracting Phillies pitcher Roy Oswalt and presaging a scampering home-run rally by the Cardinals.

St. Louis won, 5-3, on Wednesday to force a decisive Game 5 on Friday. If the Phillies did not have enough to worry about — like the suddenly dormant bat of Ryan Howard — they now have to contend with a rally squirrel with a Twitter account.

“I may make it to Philly,” the squirrel tweeted. But given the famously querulous nature of Philadelphia fans, it added, “Am going to stay out of sight for my own safety.”

Tony La Russa, the Cardinals’ manager, said he fully expected Rally Squirrel to attend Game 5. In case of rain, he said, “maybe he’ll have a suite.”

A video compilation of the rally squirrel ruckus from several sportscasters and different camera angles, made available by


From STL Today, The newest baseball celeb: @BuschSquirrel:

Whether the “rally squirrel” really helped the St. Louis Cardinals rally Wednesday night against the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 4 of the National League Division Series is up for debate.

But two things are certain: The Cardinals have forced a fifth game in the series, and many Cards fans have adopted the squirrel as a new mascot.

The squirrel first appeared Tuesday night during the bottom of the sixth inning of Game 3. Second baseman Ryan Theriot was at the plate when the squirrel streaked across the field. The Cards lost that game, 3-2, but Theriot had four hits that night. A squirrel can only do so much.

Soon after his appearance, the squirrel took to Twitter as @BuschSquirrel to encourage the team (and taunt the Phillies).
He wasn’t done: The fifth inning of Wednesday’s Game 4 was punctuated by the return of the squirrel. The squirrel dashed from the first-base dugout, in front of the plate and Skip Schumaker, then darted into the stands.

Dubbed the “rally squirrel,” his antics have garnered him more than 11,000 Twitter followers — and counting. The squirrel already has tweeted his plans to attend Friday’s game in Philadelphia.

From, ‘Busch Squirrel’ causes commotion:

ST. LOUIS — A squirrel ran across home plate in the fifth inning of the NL Division Series game between the Phillies and Cardinals on Wednesday night.

The squirrel darted across the plate shortly after Roy Oswalt delivered a pitch. Plate umpire Angel Hernandez called it a ball, and Oswalt and manager Charlie Manuel argued. Skip Schumaker flied out to center on the next pitch.

This was the third time one of the rodents was spotted at Busch Stadium. Earlier Wednesday, one — possibly the same one — was seen beyond the center field wall and Tuesday night, a squirrel was seen scampering in foul territory along the third base line.

From RadarOnline:

Stars are usually born during the baseball post-season, and this year’s unlikely household name has become … the Busch squirrel!

Yes, the furry little critter who emerged during the fifth inning of the NLDS game at St. Louis’ Busch Stadium between the home team Cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies — the second time in a row, an instance like that has occurred during the best-of-five playoff series — has sparked a Twitter page, with nearly 8,000 followers.

Among the 14 accounts the squirrel is following include the official Twitter page of Major League Baseball, the official account of the Cardinals and the accounts of Cardinal hitters Jon Jay, David Freese and Daniel Descalso.

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