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Frighteningly Frugal: Cheap & Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Pulled Together from the Goodwill Store & Your Closet, Plus Making Magic Wands (video)

Posted By on October 24, 2011

Halloween Jack O' Lantern | Photo credit: Joseph Soul, Flickr, Creative Commons


I’m all set for Halloween. A colleague gave me a fabulously feathered Mardi Gras mask as a little gift from his recent trip to New Orleans, and I’ll either resurrect my black high school graduation gown (the nearly always perfect, last-minute Halloween garb) or a long-sleeved, slinky black sorceress dress I made eons ago that still looks terrific. Add some glitter-based makeup and a magic wand we made at a Girl Scout encampment (wands are easy to make, see videos below)… done!

Saving money at Halloween for costumes is limited only by your imagination. This first frugality-minded/DIY ThreadBanger video with Sammy D shows how you can pull together three unique Halloween costumes… from inexpensive finds at the local Goodwill used clothing store.

Sammy D shows how you can thrift trendy pieces to create fabulous one-of-a-kind costumes that won’t rupture your budget, while utilizing used clothing finds that can be worn long after Halloween is over.

Recycled fashion + Halloween = AWESOME.

Sammy Davis Vintage: Easy DIY Halloween Costumes with Sammy D


A few more inexpensive, DIY Halloween costume videos to get your creative, frugal juices flowing.

These first few DIY videos from YouTube how-to-cosmetics sensation Michelle Phan offer helpful, innovative ideas and techniques for makeup application. The easy application information Michelle offers can be used for other Halloween costumes.

Michelle Phan: Be A Ninja In 30 Seconds…I Think


Michelle Phan: Snow White


Michelle Phan: Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” Look


Michelle Phan: Lady Gaga “Poker Face” Look


This brilliantly simple Halloween costume repair trick is valuable to know — while your own costume may not need emergency fixing, your child’s or a friend’s may, so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared:

Duct Tape Has 4,748,901 Uses (and Counting): If your costume breaks in the field, duct tape can fix it. Wrap a couple of feet around a small pencil and slip it into your pocket. You will be glad you did.

Halloween Costume DIY Greek Toga Fast and Easy Last-Minute


Homemade Costumes


Last-Minute Halloween Costumes


Dead Bride – Halloween Look


Halloween Tutorial: Nerd


Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween costumes of the popular Angry Birds video game are currently all the rage, so here are a few videos to give you ideas on how to make your own Angry Bird Halloween costume.

I’m still looking for a definitive Angry Birds how-to video that provides costume-making instructions, but haven’t yet been successful.

Tutorial: Angry Birds Costume Make-Up


Angry Birds Costume Awesomeness


Angry Birds Costume


A few how-videos showing a variety of homemade magic wands. Some provide how-to instructions, others don’t, and some are created by children.

How to Make a Harry Potter Wand


Fast & Easy – Wand Making


Self-Made Harry Potter Dumbledore’s Army Wand Collection


TUTORIAL: Make your own magic wand!


Princess Rosie Makes Magic Wands


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