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Sad Reality: Smithfield, NC Police Need $30,000 for Gas Budget or Will Have to Stop Responding to 911 Calls & Burglar Alarms — Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Cake Cost $20,000

Posted By on November 2, 2011

Reality TV's Kim Kardashian and one of her lavish wedding cakes - this $20,000 cake stood 6 feet tall and was a replica of the British royal wedding cake of Prince William and Duchess Kate


The $30,000 budget problem for North Carolina police in Smithfield is impacting law enforcement’s ability to keep the town’s citizens safe.

For about the same amount of money that reality TV starlet Kim Kardashian spent for just her purse and wedding cake at her prima donna $10 million-plus, 450-guest lavish wedding (which is officially ending now after only 72 days of wedded “bliss”), the citizens of Smithfield would be safer with gassed-up police patrol cars.

A sad, sobering reality…

From WTKR 3 News, Smithfield police say they may have to stop investigating some crimes to save money for gas:

Police in Smithfield say they may have to stop investigating misdemeanors and ignore some 911 calls if town leaders don’t provide more gas money.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reports ( ) that Police Chief Michael Scott will make the proposals Tuesday to the town council.

Town leaders asked Scott to find an alternative to shifting $30,000 from the supply budget to paying for gas.

That alternative involves having detectives only investigate felonies and having police ignore calls from hotels and pay phones when callers hang up. They also would stop responding to burglar alarms and would cut patrols in parts of town with few reports of violent crimes.

From News 14 Carolina, Smithfield police need to redistribute funds to pay for gasoline:

SMITHFIELD, N.C. – A Johnston County police department has been having a difficult time fueling its patrol cars because of budget cuts. The Smithfield Police Department has asked the Town Council for permission to redistribute funds and put more money toward gas.

The chief has suggested taking money from other items within the departments budget, like repair and maintenance costs and office supplies.

Smithfield Mayor Daniel Evans says they’ll do what they need to keep police at full force.

“We are not going to not provide security and safety and police protection in our community. Our citizens can rest assured that we’re gonna be there as needed, patrolling as a call comes in,” said Smithfield Mayor Daniel Evans.

The mayor says there is no threat of layoffs within the police department.

At a meeting Tuesday night, Evans expects an agreement to be reached on how the department can adjust its budget.

From ABC News, Smithfield, N.C., Police to Cut Back on 911 Responses, Cites Budget Woes:

The police department in Smithfield, N.C., has said it would no longer respond to all 911 calls and would stop pursuing some misdemeanor crimes if the town didn’t approve a measure to increase the department’s budget for gasoline, according to the Raleigh News & Observer.

Police Chief Michael Scott will ask the town council to allow him to reallocate some of his $30,000 office supply and equipment repair funds to compensate for the shortfall in the gas budget. Smithfield reportedly cut the fuel budget by 14 percent — or by about $10,000 — from previous fiscal year – according to the paper. Without an increase, the department runs out of gas by February 2012.

The Smithfield Police Department is expected to detail how the town’s budget cuts would affect street patrol later today. Scott said the department had already had to cut back on patrols — and has even halved the number of patrol cars on the roads at times.

The town recently experienced a series of crimes – an armed robbery of a convenience store, a theft of tires and rims from an auto shop — that Scott said could have been prevented by heavier patrolling.

“Those things can all be directly related to patrol issues,” he said, according to the News & Observer. He also said that the department had been fielding complaints about the lowered police presence, and that some callers had even asked if they should buy guns to protect themselves.

City council members reportedly asked Scott to study alternatives to his plan to shift funds from one part of the budget to another.

Putting things in perspective… It’s been reported that Kim’s wedding cake was a $20,000 replica of Britain’s Prince William and Duchess Kate’s wedding cake. Kim’s designer wedding purse cost about five grand — let’s not even talk about her flowers or her $25,000 wedding gown (which seems like a friggin’ basement bargain when compared to the cost of the cake). Suffice it to say that a fraction of what this spoiled young woman spent on her ridiculous wedding for a short-lived marriage would have bought a whole lot of gas for any number of suffering towns — as would the cost of one day of lodging while First Lady Michelle Obama, her daughters, her mother, the Secret Service, and her guests spent (no disclosure yet as to whether or not taxpayers’ money was used) on ONE night of lodging at a five-star hotel during Michelle’s African safari.

No word on when the raging liberal Occupy Wall Street hippie protestors will slam and denounce Kim or the First Lady on their self-indulgent extravagances.

Or are they only denouncing greed, the rich, and a lavish lifestyle when it isn’t wrapped up in Hollywood or DC glamor?

Sad reality: Kim Kardashian's lavish wedding cakes cost a reported $20,000 & she's now divorcing, police in Smithfield, NC need $30,000 for gasoline budget to protect citizens

Note: Kim had TWO cakes — a traditional wedding cake and a smaller groom’s cake. It’s not clear if just the main, 6-foot-tall wedding cake cost $20,000, or the price for both cost that much, or the price for each. And I don’t care enough to pursue researching it any further.

Let them eat cake!

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