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New Year’s Eve Message: Happy New Year, Eat Your Wheaties, Gird Your Loins, & God Bless America

| December 31, 2011

  Happy New Year to all of you… some sad news. My trusty home computer became gravely ill this week and is now in the ‘puter hospital. So, regrettably, this could be my last post for a bit until she’s debugged and receives a clean bill of health. There are so many posts crying out […]

Holy Cow… PETA Wants Illinois Highway Memorial Markers to Honor Dead Cattle

| December 31, 2011

  PETA’s latest zealous efforts to honor dead cows in Illinois will likely be thwarted because memorial highway markers can only be requested by relatives — and Elsie the Cow is a fictional character… From My Fox Chicago, PETA Seeks Memorials to Cows Killed on Ill. Roads: Chicago – An animal rights group wants Illinois […]

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