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Oops! Venus Williams Has Tennis Wardrobe Malfunction in Milan

Posted By on December 5, 2011

Wardrobe malfunction: A strap on Venus Williams' tennis dress snapped in Milan, Italy during tennis match


Tennis champion Venus Williams is in the news again for her controversial tennis outfits. This time, the strap on her tennis dress broke while she was playing in Milan, Italy, nearly giving the crowd an eyeful.

An embarrassing “Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl” moment was averted.

From Larry Brown Sports, Venus Williams Nearly Flashes Crowd After Wardrobe Malfunction:

Venus Williams played in an exhibition Saturday in Milan, Italy along with her sister, Serena, and Italian players Francesca Schiavone and Flavia Pennetta. Venus lost both her singles matches to the Italian players, but she and her sister beat them in doubles.

The most eventful moment took place during Venus’ match against Pennetta when the strap of her dress broke, nearly exposing her breast.

From Orlando Sentinel, Venus Williams’ tennis outfit snapped during Milan exhibition:

Williams had to run off the court during the middle of her match against Flavia Pennetta after the left strap of Venus’ eleVen dress broke. She quickly covered the nearly exposed area with her hand thus avoiding a completely embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

It could have been worse… it could have been like this bizarre, revealing cancan outfit she wore a while back at the French Open:

Venus Williams... tush-exposing cancan dress at French Open, May 2010

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