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So Cool: Discovery Space Shuttle Launch Viewed from an Airplane (video)

| January 1, 2012

This incredible video of space shuttle launch STS-133, the 133rd mission in NASA’s Space Shuttle program, being viewed from an airplane outside Orlando, Florida has had more than 4.8 million views on YouTube. The shuttle was launched on February 24, 2011 from Kennedy Space Center. Aboard that shuttle were six American astronauts — crew members […]

More Islamic Depravity: Child Bride in Afghanistan Burned, Disfigured, Kept in ‘Toilet Prison’ by Husband’s Family for Not Becoming Prostitute

| January 1, 2012

  More depraved horrors from the “religion of peace and tolerance” against women — an Islamic child bride in Afghanistan, only 15 years old, has miraculously escaped seven months of torture, starvation, and brutality for not agreeing to become a prostitute for her scumbag husband’s family. Reported by Daily Mail, The tortured child bride: Horrific […]

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