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Mark Levin on GOP Race, Also Says We Have “Constitutional Crisis on Our Hands” with Obama — Our Arrogant, Napoleonic POTUS Bypasses Congress with NLRB “Recess” Appointments (video)

| January 5, 2012

  Conservative radio host/lawyer/patriot Mark Levin, “The Great One,” opens the segment below of this week’s radio show broadcast by making many hard-hitting points about the Iowa caucus and the will of voters. Levin criticizes “all knowing” pundits, including Karl Rove, who never admit their shortcomings, who act like they know how the GOP presidential […]

Big Stink over Kitty Litter Ad: NY Judge Rules Against Clorox’s Fresh Step Cat Litter Commercial

| January 5, 2012

  Back to the kitty litter advertising drawing board… what a thankless job it must be to develop non-repulsive, compelling advertising that praises a product that is intended to effectively capture and contain the stench of cat poop and urine. Thumbs up to truth in advertising… From New York Daily News, Clorox fights with Arm […]

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