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Money to Burn: Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren Demolishes $12.3 Million Mansion in Florida, Where’s the OWS Outrage? (video)

Posted By on January 7, 2012

Tiger Woods and former wife Elin Nordegren... before the scandalous divorce - Elin recently demolished a $12.3 million Florida mansion


Buy a perfectly lovely, $12.3 million oceanfront mansion and then destroy it — of course. Where is the Occupy Wall Street hippies’ outrage over this capricious lunacy of a wealthy 1 percenter divorcée?

Bought a year ago for $12.3 million, the stunning, 17,000-square-foot oceanfront mansion owned by the former model and former wife of Tiger Woods has been demolished.

Elin Nordegren, who was awarded a $100 million divorce settlement from the famous golfer following his very shocking, very public sex scandals with countless women, has decided to build a new palace on the lot in the exclusive Seminole Landing development near North Palm Beach.

Six bedrooms, eight bathrooms — imagine how many of the unwashed Occupiers could have showered there… too late now.

Before demolition:

Elin Nordegren's beautiful Florida mansion before demolition


After demolition:

Elin Nordegren's beautiful Florida mansion after demolition


Reported by Toronto Sun, Elin Nordegren demolishes $12M mansion:

Tiger Woods’ former wife, Elin Nordegren, has had her $12 million mansion in North Palm Beach, Fla., demolished and plans to build another home at the same location, TMZ reports.

Nordegren received a $100 million settlement in her divorce from Woods, and she purchased the Florida home in March, eight months after the divorce. That home was just 10 miles from a home Woods bought.

Nordegren, a former model from Sweden, and her two children from the Woods marriage were expected to move into the mansion, which has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

Instead she had the building destroyed, and has hired an architect to help build a new home in the same place.

Every worker involved in the construction of the new home is required to sign a confidentiality agreement, according to TMZ.

There is no indication how long it will take to build the new mansion, and the New York Post reported Nordegren will live at a mansion in the same private community in the meantime.

From The Hollywood Gossip, Elin Nordegren Demolishes Mansion:

Elin Nordegren, the former wife of Tiger Woods, bought an INSANE mansion in North Palm Beach, Fla., for $12.3 million last year. That piece is now straight up bulldozed.

She is building a new palace on the lot as we speak.

Elin is living in the San Remo condominiums, an oceanfront development in nearby Juno Beach, while her new home is being built, according to local officials.

Palm Beach County issued the demolition permit for the 17,000-SF, circa 1932 property on December 16 and it is active until June 17, official records show.

The 77-acre development is among the top five most exclusive communities in Palm Beach County, according to real estate agents with knowledge of the area.

A listing for a house on the same street as Elin Nordegren has an asking price of $18.9 million. One can only imagine what her new home is going to be worth.

Demolition of Tiger Woods’ Ex-wife’s House (no audio)


Elin Nordegren Demolishes $12 Million North Palm Beach Mansion


It’s her money, so Elin is permitted to bloody well do with it what she wants, no matter how wasteful or self-indulgent. This is America, after all. You’re permitted to do outrageous, non-charitable things with your fortune, provided it’s legal, even during the worst economic recession we’ve seen in decades.

However, the hypocritical, double-standard outrage from OWS goons and socialists of such an elitist, materialistic act is reserved only for hardworking small business owners, wealthy business executives, and conservatives — no anger, no tent city encampments, no protesting of the beautiful ex-wives of disgraced, adulterous sports figures who raked in a huge fortune from a messy divorce settlement.

Or spendthrift, self-absorbed wives of elected Democrat politicians.

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