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Respected Conservative Writer & Commentator Tony Blankley Has Died from Stomach Cancer… Rest in Peace (video)

| January 8, 2012

  I’m stunned and saddened — I didn’t even know that Tony Blankley was sick. Or that he had been a former child actor, or that he had been born in London and became a naturalized American citizen. All that I know is that his wise and often witty words resonated with me at least […]

Voters, Beware: Creative Voter Fraud Grows, California Woman Nearly Scammed into Giving Up Her Voting Rights (video)

| January 8, 2012

  Democrats and liberal lobbyist groups are revving up the racist smear machine against Republicans, declaring that requiring identification to vote is meant to suppress and prevent minorities from voting, that voter fraud is a concocted lie. No, it isn’t — on all counts. Only ID for voting is a hot-button issue with Democrats. There […]

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