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Blackout Time: Wikipedia to Go Dark in Protest of SOPA & PIPA, Congress’s Controversial Anti-Piracy Bills with Broad Language That Will Harm Free Speech on Internet (video)

| January 17, 2012

  Get your Wikipedia referencing and browsing done between now and midnight Eastern Standard Time tonight. After that, for 24 hours on January 18, it will be BLACKOUT TIME — not to be confused with “Miller Time” or “Hammer Time.” The nation’s sinking approval of Congress may hit an all-time record low once Wikipedia’s, as […]

Orwellian: Facebook Users’ Political Sentiments & Private Messages Now Analyzed by Facebook & Politico

| January 17, 2012

  Facebook users, if you haven’t read George Orwell’s futuristic novel 1984, now may be a good time. While this data mining of Facebook and sharing with Politico (why on earth Politico?) may seem innocuous at first glance, this is only the beginning. And no permission by users has to be granted. Have no expectations […]

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