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Hopenchange Disaster: Price of Gas Has Jumped 83 Percent, Ground Beef 24 Percent, Bacon 22 Percent, Ice Cream 19 Percent Under Obama’s Lack of Leadership

Posted By on January 24, 2012

Food Stamp Presidency, 2011 | Chart from SNAP Summary - http//www.fns.usda.gov/pd/SNAPsummary.htm


Years from now, when analysts discuss and dissect the bleak Obama years in America — and they will — heads will be scratched and bewilderment and dismay will be expressed about the lunacy and economic devastation inflicted during the Era of Obama.

The non-stop economical havoc and hardships the Obama administration has wreaked upon the citizens of our nation will confound those who understand the realities of supply and demand and free market principles (as Team Obama does not), understand the importance of small, sustainable government (as Team Obama does not), understand the consequences of spending more than is taken in and that one can not overspend a nation to prosperity (as Team Obama does not).

If you think you’re financially suffering more now at the grocery store and gas pump than you were just a few years ago, you’re dead-on correct.

No wonder reports of pig thefts in the United States have skyrocketed, as have reports of other food thefts and the alarming rise in government-issued food stamps.

Depressing news reported by CNS News, Under Obama, Price of Gas Has Jumped 83 Percent, Ground Beef 24 Percent, Bacon 22 Percent:

So far, during the presidency of Barack Obama, the price of a gallon of gasoline has jumped 83 percent, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

During the same period, the price of ground beef has gone up 24 percent and price of bacon has gone up 22 percent.

When Obama entered the White House in January 2009, the city average price for one gallon of regular unleaded gasoline was $1.79, according to the BLS. (The figures are in nominal dollars: not adjusted for inflation.) Five months later in June, unleaded gasoline was $2.26 per gallon, an increase of 26 percent. By December 2011, the price of regular unleaded gas per gallon was $3.28, an 83 percent increase from January 2009.

The price of unleaded gasoline never reached the 10-year high of $4.09 back in July 2008 under George W. Bush’s administration, but it did get close.

By May 2011, gas prices hit a high under the Obama administration at $3.93, about four percentage points away from the July 2008 high.

The U.S. city average retail price for one pound of 100 percent ground beef was $2.36 in January 2009. As of December 2011, that price had risen to $2.92—a 23.7 percent increase and a new peak. (Ground beef prices have risen every month since November 2009 – 26 months of price increases.)

Whole wheat bread prices from January 2009 to December 2011 increased about five percent (5.02 percent) from $1.97 to $2.07. (The inflation rate in December 2011 was 3.0 percent.)

Among the first 36 months of Obama’s presidency, the last four (September, October, November, December) showed the average price of one pound of whole wheat bread hovering slightly above two dollars.


Other refrigerated items like ice cream and bacon have increased by substantial amounts.

Ice cream prices, for a half-gallon, were $4.44 in January 2009 and $5.25 in December 2011, an increase of 19.1 percent.

Obamanomics has failed. Miserably.

Socialism has failed. Miserably.

Add to the growing financial and unemployment mess is Obama’s squashing of the Keystone XL pipeline — Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit revealed the shocking discovery today that the death of the pipeline has financially benefited billionaire Warren Buffet, a major Obama contributor whose pockets are deep and generous, but at a price. American families are the price.

What would have created countless American jobs and helped decrease our dependence on Middle Eastern oil has been stopped in its tracks by the Whiner in Chief, but at least one outrageously wealthy liberal crony of Barack’s has benefited. Priorities.

Buffett will be sitting next to First Lady Michelle Obama tonight during Obama’s State of the Union Address. How adorable. How crony-driven.

Only 286 days to go until Bloodbath II, patriots. I can see November from my house…

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  1. mcnorman says:

    He’s a disaster of biblical proportion. Our country cannot take four more years of this. He will go down in the history books as being the poser that stole an election to destroy a country. God help us.