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Sun’s Massive Energy: Biggest Solar Storm Since 2005 Hits Earth, Planes Diverted, Could Affect Cellphones & Other Communications (video)

| January 25, 2012

  You just know that some idiot global warming eco-nuts will try to stammeringly explain this massive solar storm by claiming that AGW, climate change, or non-government-carbon-credited CO2 emissions had something to do with the current solar storm coming from the center of our solar system. Silly, tiny humans — your arrogance is amusing. From […]

POTUS Leftovers: Pres. Obama’s Reelection Speech, aka State of the Union, Was Rehash of Previous Speeches (video)

| January 25, 2012

  We happily eat leftovers for dinner at our house — which increasing numbers of American families are doing these days during the worst economic recession we’ve seen in decades — but I don’t want to listen to Barack Obama leftovers. Which, for the most part, last night’s State of the Union address/partisan reelection speech […]

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