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Sacrilege & Heresy: Translations of Bible Revised to Avoid Offending Muslims, Christian Scriptures Are Now Omitting “Father,” “Son of God, & “Son”

| January 29, 2012

  Translations of the Holy Bible by three U.S. Bible translation companies are being revised so as to not anger or offend Muslims. While oppression, bigotry, assaults, imprisonment, and oft-times murder/jihad are being perpetrated daily against Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslims in most Muslim countries (as well as the despicable honor killings of Muslim girls […]

Beautiful & Eerie Skies: Spectacular Video Footage of Aurora Borealis over Britain & Northern Europe

| January 29, 2012

  Mother Nature’s magnificent, humbling light show — the massive solar storms and sun flares this past week have produced brilliantly, strangely colorful skies in the northern regions of Earth unlike those seen for a number of years. Reported by The Telegraph: Stargazers were given an extraordinary treat after the beautiful Northern Lights made a […]

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