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Best “Feel Good Story of the Day”: 12-Year-Old Boy Raises Thousands of Dollars to Save Grandma’s Home from Foreclosure (video)

Posted By on February 11, 2012

Just when you’ve just about given up hope that this next generation isn’t filled with “gimme more government freebies” brats (yes, self-absorbed Occupy movement, I’m talking about you), a Wisconsin pre-teen boy took it upon himself to save his grandmother’s historic home from foreclosure and auction.

The best “feel good story of the day” during the worst economic recession this nation has seen in decades — young Noah Lamaide raised $10,500 in just a month to pay his grandma’s delinquent mortgage payments.

Charity begins at home…

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From Good Morning America, Wisconsin Boy Saves Grandma’s House From Foreclosure:

The cost of renovations to a century-old home that has been in the family for three generations brought a Wisconsin woman perilously close to eviction, until her 12-year-old grandson stepped in.

“I wasn’t even sure I was going to make it,” Noah Lamaide said of his fundraising effort.

The budding philanthropist raised $10,500 in the course of a month, saving his grandmother’s Stevens Point home from a scheduled auction date of Feb. 15.

Janice Sparhawk, 72, fell behind on mortgage payments in 2010 after taking out money to put a new roof on her home, a home with rich family history, partially built by her grandfather and the birthplace of her mother.

“My Grandma in case you don’t know her has a heart of gold. She has given so much to our community since I can remember!!!” Noah posted Jan. 5, 2012, on his website Noah’s Dream Catcher Network.

Sparhawk, who has served as a foster parent to hundreds of Wisconsin children, also found herself unable to work after complications from eye surgery and severe asthma, making it even more difficult to make up what she owed.

“It means a lot to be here in my house” she said. “[Noah] is a special boy.”

The boy signed a batch of checks Monday from donors living in his town to as far as California, over to the Portage County Bank.

Noah said he was just following the example set by his mother and grandmother.

“He’s always putting others before himself, even as a little child,” Noah’s mother, Jill Sparhawk Lamaide, said. “I think he got it from seeing the foster kids come into my mom’s home. A majority of them said I wish, ‘I could be Noah.'”

Janice Sparhawk said the family has “never lived a life without somebody else in it,” whether that meant serving as a foster family or doing charity work. The example rubbed off on Noah.

From Planet Property, 12 year old saves grandma’s house:

In an age when most 12 year olds (and we speak from experience) are reluctant to leave the Playstation to put out the bin, Noah LaMaide deserves to have his pocket money bumped up.

At the beginning of January this year his grandmother was $10,000 in arrears on her mortgage following roofing work, and facing losing the 100-year-old family home which was built by her grandfather.

Noah’s grandma is well known in Portage City, Wisconsin, having cared for hundreds of foster children over the years.

But, with the house set for auction on February 15th, it looked like her fostering days were over.

So Noah, who has a website Noah’s Dream Catcher Network, where he raises money for charity, stepped in with this plea:

“My Grandma has fallen on hard times and is going to loose her home. My Grandma in case you don’t know her has a heart of gold. She has given so much to our community since I can remember!!! She has done Foster Care ever since I was born and has helped 100′s of children who would not have had a safe place to stay in the middle of the night when their own parents were not able to care for them. Her home will go for auction on Feb 15th. Please help me save her home so the kids of Portage City in need still have a place to go that is safe!! I want to give her her home back for Valentine’s Day!! I need to raise $10,000 by the end of Jan to help her. It seems like sooo much money but if I have 400 friends who can spare $25.00 I can give her this gift!! Only 200 friends if they give $50.00. Please help me save my Grandma’s house with any size gift you can give!!!! Love, Noah”

Who could resist? And they didn’t. Noah has now raised $10,500, and Grandma won’t be going anywhere.

Now, if we could just get Noah to work on the national debt…

From The Week, The 12-year-old who saved his grandmother from foreclosure:

When he was 9, Noah’s mother challenged him to do one community service project each year. Rather than just completing a few hours of volunteer work here and there, Noah focused his efforts on raising money for food banks, or sending a family friend with cancer on vacation. Some years, Noah even gave up his birthday presents so he could make contributions of his own.

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