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Obama Attacks Supreme Court on ObamaCare, Limbaugh Calls Obama a “Thug,” Analyzes President’s Attack (Transcript)

Posted By on April 4, 2012


On Monday, Pres. Obama lashed out at the Supreme Court. He used, as quoted from Fox News, his “strongest language to date on the Supreme Court review of the federal health care overhaul.” The president reminded them that they are “unelected” and cautioned the SCOTUS justices against overturning his power-grabbing ObamaCare law that takes over one-sixth of the nation’s economy and mandates that all Americans contribute to it or face steep penalties.

This assault in the press by the president followed last week’s jaw-dropping crash and burn of Obama’s defense team, trying to sell the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of the health bill’s mandates.

Radio talk show pundit Rush Limbaugh took Obama to the woodshed on yesterday’s radio show. Here’s some of the program’s transcript.

Obama Puts Out Figurative Bounty on Supreme Court
Rush Limbaugh Show – EIB Network
Broadcast April 3, 2012


RUSH: Obama and his attack on the Supreme Court yesterday. It happened toward the end of the program in the last half hour and it was happening on the fly. I didn’t really have enough time to listen in detail to what Obama said, and thus I didn’t have a chance to, in detail, reply. I’ve now listened to what Obama said. I’ve got three sound bites here.

When I got home yesterday at about six o’clock last night I got a flash encrypted message from a friend who says, “You know, somebody in the court leaked to Obama. That’s why he went out there and did this today. Somebody called him. He lost the vote, the preliminary vote on Friday. He lost it, and somebody leaked it.” And that became an active theory that began to be bandied about amongst a lot of people that I know. Because people were saying,

“Why go out,” as Obama did yesterday…? It was in the form of a question. We must remember that he was asked a question about this. He didn’t launch into this on his own, but once he got the question, it was, “Katie, bar the door,” and he was off to the races.

And the question everybody was asking is: “Why do this? Why attack the court? Why intimidate them, why threaten them if they had voted to uphold the mandate?” And I have an answer for that. See, I know these people. I know liberals. I don’t want that statement to sound bombastic. You people here — new listeners to the program — that’s not a braggadocios statement. It’s not bombastic. It’s not outrage or any attempt to shock. I just know them, and so when somebody asks me, “Why would Obama say that if he didn’t have to? If he had been told that the preliminary vote on Friday was in his favor, why take the attitude that he took?” There is an answer to that. I don’t know if it’s right, but there is an answer.

He’s a thug.

Here’s the middle portion of Limbaugh’s commentary:

RUSH: I’m gonna set the table here because I like to have a foundation established when we start the audio sound bites. And I’ll tell you: It is hilarious to hear Obama arguing, threatening, warning justices of the Supreme Court that the individual mandate is constitutional. It isn’t. There is no permission for the federal government to order Americans to sign contracts with anybody, to buy something, or to not buy something. There is no provision for this in the Constitution. In a cut-and-dried, right-down-the-middle-way. In a sane world, this thing doesn’t get out of Congress because somebody there realizes it’s unconstitutional.

Remember, Obama argued against the mandate in 2008. Now, he didn’t say it was unconstitutional in 2008, but he implied it. ‘Cause he said it would mean that the government would have unlimited power to mandate anything, and he chided Hillary, his primary opponent. “I mean, if a mandate was a solution we could try that to solve homelessness by mandating everybody buy a house.” So he knows. He knows full well. He also warned and threatened the justices that the mandate exists so everybody has skin in the game, to make sure that everybody’s paying for his health care bill. But he also, as you’ll hear, blatantly rewrites the history of Obamacare legislatively.

He claims, you’ll hear him say it, Obamacare “was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.” In reality, there was no strong majority in support of Obamacare. In fact, there was strong bipartisan support against it! Thirty-four Democrats in the House voted against Obamacare. No Republicans voted for it. It was passed in the Senate on Christmas Eve 2009 by a vote of 60-39. They used budget reconciliation, any number of tricks.

But he’s just up there blatantly rewriting the history of this. He’s rewriting the public support for this. He’s just blatantly making it all up. That’s why people think he got a leak. And as a friend of mine said: Why wouldn’t Kagan call him?

“Who is your friend, Mr. Limbaugh? You keep talking about…”

I’m not gonna tell you that, Mr. New Castrati. None of your business. But it’s not just my friends, thinking this. It’s all over the place that somebody must of called Obama. And the logical guess if it happened would be Kagan because she was in the administration. She was the solicitor general. And these people are playing for keeps. And it’s obvious based on what Obama did yesterday that traditional rules and standards of decorum and propriety don’t matter. So let’s go. Here’s the first bite. In total, this runs a minute 45. I doubt we’re gonna get it in that quickly. ‘Cause I doubt I’m gonna be able to restrain myself and not tell the broadcast engineer to stop it. So here we go. This is yesterday afternoon. He’s with the Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, and the Mexican president, Felipe Calderon.

They had a joint news conference about NAFTA-type stuff, and an unidentified reporter with an obviously (to me, anyway), planted question, ’cause Obama wants this. “Mr. President! Mr. President! After last week’s arguments at the Supreme Court, many experts believe that there could be a majority — a five-member majority — to strike down the individual mandate. And if that were to happen, if it were to be ruled unconstitutional, how would you still guarantee health care…?” There’s no question in my mind this is a planted question. “And if that were to happen, Mr. President, how would you still guarantee health care to the uninsured and those Americans who’ve become insured as a result of a law?”

(laughing) The question is just wonderful. Here’s the answer…

OBAMA: With respect to health care, I’m actually, uh, continue to be confident that the Supreme Court will uphold the law. Uhhh… And the reason is because, uh, in accordance with, uhhh, precedent out there, it’s constitutional.

RUSH: Stop tape. What precedent? There no precedent on this. There’s no precedent. There’s no legislation that required us to go buy something, enter into a contract, that the court has found constitutional. There’s no precedent. That’s what this is all about. Okay, let’s hit it.

OBAMA: That’s not just in my opinion, by the way. That’s the opinion of, uh, legal experts across the ideological spectrum, uhhh, including two very conservative appellate court justices, uh, that said this wasn’t even a close case.

RUSH: Stop the tape. Again, the construction here of the straw man in every instance such as this. “By the way,” he says, “that’s the opinion of legal experts across the ideological spectrum.” Whether it’s global warming or whether it’s the stimulus that’s gonna create jobs, “Ah, there are economists all across the spectrum!” No. He’s got two judges here, one of them was Laurence Silberman, who is conservative, and I’ll tell you: When Silberman ruled that the mandate was constitutional, I thought “Whoa!” I was taken aback, I’ll admit that. But there’s no broad-based consensus across the ideological spectrum of experts. That’s what this is about. Okay, keep going.

OBAMA: I think it’s important ’cause I — I watched some of the commentary last week, to remind people that this is not an abstract argument. People’s lives are affected by the lack of availability of health care, the inaffordability (sic) of health care, their inability to get health care because of preexisting conditions.

RUSH: Stop the tape. It is precisely an abstract argument. That’s exactly what’s going on here. This was my point last week. This is a classroom discussion. This is a bunch of people on his side sitting around theorizing on how they would make it better if they had the power, if they had the opportunity. It is abstract. And then everything that followed that is irrelevant. The court is not to take into consideration who has health insurance and who doesn’t. That is not what is being argued here. This is not before the court because some people don’t have health insurance. This is not before the court because some people have health insurance that other people are paying for. The details of health care in America are not why this case is being argued.

This case is being argued because his administration is trying to violate the Constitution in securing the largest power grab by the federal government in the history of this country. That’s what’s being argued: Does he have the constitutional right to do it this way? All this other stuff is nothing more than tugging at our heartstrings. All this other stuff is trying to inject politics. All this other stuff about the uninsured and preexisting conditions, that’s an attempt to ladle guilt on the justices, and particularly the conservative justices. “If you find this unconstitutional, look at the pain you are causing! Look at the heartbreak you are causing! Look at the number of people who might even die because of you.” That’s what he’s doing here. That’s the degree of intimidation and threat that Obama is employing. All right, let me find my place in the transcript here and… Okay. Hit it.

OBAMA: The law that’s already in place has already given 2.5 million young people health care that wouldn’t otherwise have it.

RUSH: Stop the tape. Irrelevant. That doesn’t mean that if the law is unconstitutional, it should stand. It doesn’t mean that. If ten million people have health insurance now who didn’t have it… And I don’t even want to get into the argument of whether he’s telling the truth here or not because there’s no way to know. They just make these numbers up left and right, like there were three million homeless, like there were 45 million uninsured. The number’s 16, 15 or 16 million. The numbers don’t matter, which is why I’m not gonna get into ’em. It’s irrelevant. If 30 million uninsured all of a sudden now had health insurance, that’s not germane to what’s being discussed.

OBAMA: There are tens of thousands of adults with preexisting conditions who have health care right now because of this law.

RUSH: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. No, Mr. President, in fact, the rate of people signing up for this provision is way low, much lower than the government expectations. But again, that’s irrelevant. It doesn’t matter. It’s not what’s being argued. Whether or not people with preexisting conditions now have insurance isn’t relevant.

Folks, all I’m doing here is telling you what is. I am not arguing politically. I’m not trying to stop Obama from having a political victory. I’m scared we are losing this country, and we are going to lose big if this thing is ever fully implemented. We have until 2014 to stop that, and the court here is just one step in this. I don’t mean to sound — and please do not infer that I don’t care about people who do not have health insurance. I do. This is not the way to fix our problem.

I’ll just ask you to look at our history yourself. We’ve had a war on poverty. We’ve had the Great Society. We’ve had every number of liberal-created social programs to fix problems and I ask you, is one of them fixed? Or are they all out of control and worse? And the answer is the latter. This is not the way to fix the problem, but it’s not germane to what the justices are deciding in the first place. I don’t care whether Obama knows that or not. I don’t care whether he’s so ignorant and ill-educated he doesn’t know it. All I know is he’s using threats and intimidation and trying to ladle guilt on these justices. Here’s what you’re going to be taken away from poor Americans if you do this. Here, he kept going.

OBAMA: Parents don’t have to worry about their children not being able to get health care because they can’t be prevented from getting health care as a consequence of a pre-existing condition. That’s part of this law.

RUSH: Doesn’t matter.

OBAMA: Millions of seniors are paying less for prescription drugs because of this law.

RUSH: Stop the tape. That’s irrelevant, too. If anybody’s paying less for prescription drugs it’s because of George W. Bush and Medicare Part B. But again, none of this is relevant to what is being argued. We are talking about the Constitution. We do not have the right, these are people who have sworn an oath to uphold, defend, and protect the Constitution, and there’s no reason to abandon it. You cannot say, “Well, there are all these people without health care so the Constitution doesn’t matter.” Wrong. It’s not the only way to fix this problem. Keep going.

OBAMA: Americans all across the country have greater rights and protections with respect to their insurance companies and they’re getting preventive care because of this law.

RUSH: No, not relevant. Keep going.

OBAMA: That’s just the part that’s already been implemented. That doesn’t even speak to the 30 million people who stand to gain coverage once it’s fully implemented in 2014.

RUSH: Oh, 30 million now? It’s actually 15, but a couple years ago it was 45 million. Again, none of this is germane. Now, you go out and ask your average liberal and this is all that matters. “The Constitution, what Constitution? What a barrier. You mean to tell me the Constitution’s preventing people from getting health care? Well, to hell with the Constitution.” That’s what people on the left think. That’s what we’re up against. But none of this is relevant. The message here is, Justice Kennedy, do you want to take all this away from people? Do you want this on your head, Justice Kennedy? That’s the point of what he just said.

Click here for the entire transcript.

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