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Lather, Rinse, Repeat: Lazy President Zero Recycles Previous Old Speech, Again (video)

Posted By on April 5, 2012

Retread Mania: Another tired, recycled speech from Pres. Barack Obama this week


Americans are encouraged to recycle and reuse paper, recycle and reuse aluminum, recycle and reuse plastic.

Our president recycled and reused an old budget speech this week — complete with his reliably parroted, word-for-word bogus scare tactics. It’s not the first time President Zero has done this, likely won’t be the last.

Did the Vacationer in Chief think no one would notice, that the lapdog liberal media would faithfully cover for him (he’s sooo busy because of the mess he “inherited”, you know), or that everyone would be snoozing away through his latest bland speech as Vice Pres. Joe Biden has done in the past?

Creepy, lazy, and pathetic. Barack Obama and his overpaid speechwriters are showing a similar lazy work ethic as Keith “Yep, Fired Again” Olbermann. Hot Air’s Allahpundit nails it: they’re just phoning it in now.

Déjà vu video comparison below of Obama’s hop-in-the-shower rhetoric: lather, rinse, repeat.

Obama: Same Tired Rhetoric


From The Blaze, President Goes ‘Green’ — Recycles Yesterday’s Budget Speech From his 2011 Budget Speech:

Not much description is needed here; the headline pretty much says it all. “Obama’s budget speech yesterday recycled the exact same scare tactics he used last year,” the RNC’s YouTube page reads.

Daley Gator weighs in — President Asshat Recycles Yesterday’s Budget Speech From His 2011 Budget Speech:

In fact, this isn’t even the first time the RNC has caught the president doing this. You may recall a similar video from January that showed side-by-side comparisons of the president’s 2011 and 2012 State of the Union addresses:


Encore image embed of a tweet from radio commentator and best-selling author Mark Levin back in December, declaring that in all his years following American politics, Barack H. Obama is by far the laziest president Levin has ever witnessed:

Tweet from Mark Levin, Dec 3, 2011: 'Obama is the laziest president in my lifetime'

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  1. Maia says:

    He’s a joke, and the joke’s on us.