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Political Cartoons Roundup: The Liberal Media Bias Edition, Obama vs. Romney Presidential Election Campaign

Posted By on September 26, 2012

It’s tough to determine who’s making the worse calls — the NFL replacement referees or the Obama-biased sycophant liberal media:

Credit to AFBranco








About the next op-ed cartoon, Ed Morrissey at Hot Air writes about Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Michael Ramirez and his disgust with the escalating liberal media bias. Here is a portion — Ramirez: Media bias toward Obama a national scandal:

Ramirez starts off his column by noting the difference in national media reporting on spelling errors between Republicans and Democrats. Dan Quayle corrected a student’s spelling of “potato” from an erroneous flash card provided by the teacher, and the media turned Quayle into a national joke — although that wasn’t the only gaffe Quayle ever committed, either. But to be equally fair, Obama misspelling the name of a key swing state for a photograph has hardly been his only gaffe. Yet the media rushed to judgment in proclaiming the image a fake, only to be burned when multiple images showed Obama spelling O-I-H-O in an impromptu demonstration.

Some forget that this was the original point of my Obamateurisms series. The media loved to highlight every verbal miscue of George W. Bush. At Slate, Jacob Weisberg turned it into a book series, and even took a couple of potshots once Bush retired. That would be fine if the media treated all politicians equally, but by March 2009 it was already clear that the media would shade its eyes when it came to the same kind of missteps from Barack Obama. The OOTD series started off as a temporary protest to that media bias, but the flow of material has been so steady that it’s become a semi-permanent feature at Hot Air.

Those are small potatoes, though, if you’ll forgive the pun. The media has been slow to tell the full story of the jobs crisis ever since Tim Geithner and Joe Biden declared a “Recovery Summer” in 2010. With some exceptions, the media has not bothered to puncture the claim from Obama of having added 4.5 million jobs, nor putting the decline of the workforce at the front of their stories on jobs reports, or even mentioning the underlying dynamic of population growth that is so critical to understanding those statistics. This is the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression, made worse by this administration’s economic and regulatory policies. Had that happened under a Republican President, those conclusions would be front-page news every single day.























From NewsMax, Bozell: Media Attacks on Romney ‘Atrocious’ Example of Bias:

The mainstream media wants Mitt Romney to fail in his quest for the White House against President Barack Obama, Brent Bozell, founder and president of the Media Research Center, tells Newsmax.TV.

“That’s like asking is the Pope Catholic,” Bozell tells Newsmax in an exclusive interview. “Yeah, they do.”

Bozell then referenced the widespread reporting of Romney’s secretly videotaped comments to donors in which he said that that 47 percent of Americans supporting President Obama are “dependent on government” and believe they are “victims.”

“They have taken this completely out of context with Romney. And they know what they’ve done. That’s the key thing. They know they’re taking it out of context and it doesn’t bother them.”

He then contrasted that with the tepid reporting of Obama’s 1998 remarks advocating the distribution of wealth.

“It is the most atrocious example of media bias I’ve ever seen,” Bozell said. “There’s no pretense whatsoever at objectivity. It’s a very simple proposition: If it advances the narrative that Barack Obama should be reelected, it’s news. If it does not advance the narrative that Barack Obama should be re-elected, it’s not news at all.

“So the 47 percent remark just gets blown completely out of proportion. It is completely overblown, and they will not stop talking about it because it advances the re-election.

“Now, you have a tape that emerges that is far more serious showing that [Obama] is an acknowledged socialist, who has denied it all along, and there’s no coverage,” Bozell added. “Why? Because it doesn’t advance the narrative that Barack Obama should be re-elected. And you’re seeing that throughout the campaign.”

The negative coverage by the mainstream media has, indeed, affected Romney’s standing in the polls, he said.

“You can blow the whistle on the media over and over and over again – but if they throw stuff against the wall, non-stop, for 128 days, something’s going to stick, and that’s what they’re hoping…”

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