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Halloween DIY Tiaras & Crowns… How to Save Money by Making Beautiful, Thrifty Costume Headpieces for the Frugal Prince or Princess (video)

Posted By on October 10, 2012

Vintage Halloween Postcard, Tuck Series 183 | Photo credit: riptheskull, Flickr, Creative Commons, some rights reserved


A fabulous assortment of Halloween DIY craft tips and video how-to’s below for making inexpensive crowns and tiaras — despite this terrible economy, you can make your own unique tiara or royal headpiece with a few craft items and a bit of time and patience. Whether for yourself, your spouse, son, or daughter, or for a group of kids for a Halloween costume party, themed birthday party, or a Renaissance event, these tiara and crown tutorial videos will help keep more money in your wallet.

I’ve collected a wide range of DIY how-to videos for crowns, tiaras, and fairy-tale headbands. They span from the very cheap and simple to the quite elaborate — some use inexpensive or common recycled materials, others with purchased art/craft supplies. Your inner princess (or your inner prince, or inner wood nymph, or inner Lady Gaga, or even inner Queen Nefertiti or Medusa) should be delighted with at least one of these headpiece costume craft projects in the video demos below.

You needn’t stress your tight budget to create your own, one-of-a-kind Halloween accessories. It goes without saying that you should always first ask your friends, family, and co-workers to see what they may have that you could borrow, which would make your cash outlay a nice fat ZERO. You’d be surprised who may have a rhinestone costume-jewelry tiara bought in the 1980s or earlier tucked away in a drawer.

Confession: I am one of those people. Yes, decades ago, I bought myself a tiara. My unconventional daughter has borrowed that glittery-gold-fake-diamond headpiece many times and insists on wearing it in public all day on her birthday each year. She’s now 22, bless her heart.

Why did I buy myself a tiara? Because it was a tiara, for goodness sake… that’s plenty reason enough. I had money to burn in the 1980s (didn’t we all?) and bought some weird and foolish things during my youth.

However, I’ve NEVER regretted my tiara.

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Make a Tiara, Threadbanger Projects


Tiara Tutorial


How to Make a King’s / Prince’s Crown for Your Little Guy


How to Make a Gumpaste Tiara


This next how-to video provides instructions for making a very small crown to be used as a party favor, napkin ring, or for a doll to wear.

How to Make a Toilet Paper Tube Crown


DIY Dolce and Gabbana Tiara


Make Lady Gaga’s Black Bad Romance Crown – DIY


How to Make a Fairytale Princess Hat


DIY Floral Crown inspired by Frida, ThreadBanger How-to


DIY Big Stone Tiara




How to Make a Paper Crown


How to Make a Posterboard Crown


How to Make a Queen Nefertiti’s Crown


Egyptian Queen Makeup Tutorial + DIY Headdress


How to Make a Princess Tiara (Handicrafts)


How to Make a Foamy Tiara


King’s or Queen’s Crown Tutorial


How to Make a Fairy Birthday Party Flower Crown | Pottery Barn Kids


How to Make a Fairy Princess Halo Headband


Snow Queen Crown Tutorial


Halloween DIY: Medusa’s Crown ‘O Snakes


This last video offers a super-cheap and fast alternative idea. Rather than make a crown to be worn on your head, PAINT a crown on your face with makeup. It does take some practice, but may be perfect for your costume and your budget. Video summary:

Fast and easy princess crown made up of hearts and teardrops.
Products used:
DFX white and metallic pinkish red
#3 Lowell Cornell white nylon brush

Fast Princess Crown Face Painting Tutorial


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