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Hunk-A-Heaven: VP Nominee Paul Ryan’s Muscle-Popping, Pumped-Up, & Slightly Silly “Jersey Shore-esque” Workout Photos Going Viral

Posted By on October 11, 2012

Doubtful that Paul Ryan will be handing out bottles of booze in crass swag bags to the VP debate media tonight, unlike Joe “Uh, What State Am I In?” Biden.

Seems much more likely that Rep. “Dreamboat” Ryan would do a thumbs-down on the hard whiskey and instead give out small bottles of vitamin-bursting juice made with, bless his soul, fitness guru legend Jack LaLanne’s famous fruit/vegetable juicer.

Time magazine’s release today of a set of muscle-popping, pumped-up workout photos were taken of Wisconsin congressman Ryan just shy of a year ago.

Yes, ladies and gents, you can swoon a bit if you wish:

One of a number of workout photos Time magazine released today of Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan


Fun ‘Jersey Shore’ spoofing: Paul Ryan workout


From The Washington Post, Paul Ryan workout photos only look like ‘Jersey Shore’ outtakes, really for Time Person of the Year:

Hard to believe that only 10 months ago, Paul Ryan was just a little-known “Jersey Shore” hopeful and now he’s the VP nominee! No, whoops, our bad. Meant to say: Hard to believe that only 10 months ago, Paul Ryan was just a famous-for-Washington congressman who, while under consideration for Time’s 2011 “Person of the Year,” posed with flexed biceps and backwards ballcap — photos Time didn’t use then but unleashed onto the world Thursday morning alongside a new Ryan profile, hours before his debate with Joe Biden, promptly blowing up the Internet.

Tweets about math-whiz Ryan’s buff body and good looks:

For the full story and more pumping-iron photos of Rep. Ryan — including some more goofy ones of him wearing that red baseball cap backwards — check out the Time website.

Paul Ryan may become the new poster boy for a let’s-get-fit, healthful living testimonial for the younger generation, even more so than struggling-with-fat Michelle Obama has.

J.T. Hatter at American Thinker has a terrific post on the growing “Paul Ryan is hot” mania sweeping the nation — included are the lyrics to a new music video, “Do the Paul Ryan.”

Some other previous unconventional Ryan photos, including the shirtless one from a few years back:

Republican Vice Pres. candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan (left) with Tony Horton, creator of the P90X workout


Paul Ryan with wife Janna in 2006 – not a bad photo at all, but now Ryan is reportedly really ripped, having become a devotee of the P90X workout


BTW — Ryan has chosen “Bowhunter” as his Secret Service codename, wife Janna’s codename is “Buttercup.”

Vice Pres. contender and accomplished hunter, Rep. Paul Ryan – that sound you hear in the distance are thousands of liberals’ heads exploding

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