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Holiday DIY: How-To Ideas for Frugal Homemade Christmas Ornaments & Decorations (video)

Posted By on December 21, 2012



With Christmas just around the corner and so many family budgets strapped, making your own Christmas ornaments for gift-giving or for yourself not only saves money, but are fun activities for children of all ages. Many use recycled materials that you likely already have on hand.

Holiday frugality, made easy — these how-to ornament and decoration videos offer a number of fabulous Yuletide craft ideas and instructions.

How To Make Recycled Christmas Ornaments


How to Make a Christmas Tree from Paper


Make Christmas Ornaments with Soda Cans


Newspaper Ornaments – 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS CRAFTS


Creating a Star Ornament


How to Make Ornament Out of Old Clothes


Cookin’ with Jolene: Cinnamon Holiday Ornament Craft : Day 6 Trailer Park Christmas


Create a Star Ornament for Christmas | Ricky Riot Art & Craft


DIY Sparkly Christmas Tree


Christmas Crafts on a Budget


How to Recycle Household Items for Handmade Ornaments




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