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Cheers for Champion Banana Joe: Affenpinscher Wins Best in Show at 2013 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (video)

Posted By on February 13, 2013

The winner of Best in Show at the 2013 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show held in NYC is an affenpinscher named Banana Joe

The winner of Best in Show at the 2013 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show held in NYC is an affenpinscher named Banana Joe


The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has chosen the adorable affenpinscher named Banana Joe as its “Best in Show” winner at this year’s competition. This is the first time that this breed of dog has won the coveted prize in the prestigious dog show’s 137-year history. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is a two-day, all-breed benched conformation show that takes place at Madison Square Garden in New York annually. It was first held in 1877.

Banana Joe beat out some stiff competition — 2,721 dogs, representing 187 breeds and varieties, were entered in this year’s canine show. Michael Dougherty, a professional dog handler for 50 years, judged the WKC show event for the first time. For a list and photos of all previous WKC Best in Show winners, click here.

Last year, a Pekingese named Malachy won the WKC’s Best in Show.

Banana Joe: Winner of Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show


From CBS News, Affenpinscher “Banana Joe” wins Westminster dog show:

Banana Joe didn’t monkey around this time.

Affectionately called a monkey dog because he looks just like one, Banana Joe made up for near misses the last two years at Madison Square Garden.

The 5-year-old wagged his tail a mile a minute and stuck out his pink tongue after earning his 86th best in show title overall.

It was a timely win, too, coming a day before he was set to fly back to the Netherlands with his owner. That trip has now been postponed for his victory lap.

“He’s won a lot of big shows, but not like this one,” handler Ernesto Lara said.

A class clown, Banana Joe also is pretty bright.

“He speaks German, Dutch, Spanish and English,” co-owner and breeder Mieke Cooijmans offered.

An old English sheepdog only 20 months old was picked as the runner-up on the green carpet of the Garden. Swagger the sheepdog drew the most cheers, but judge Michael Dougherty picked Banana Joe.

“He was presented in immaculate manner,” Dougherty praised. “He was on the minute he walked in. … He’s in perfect condition, perfect body.”

Affenpinscher Joey – Best in Show – 2013 Westminster Dog Show


From Sports Illustrated, ‘Banana Joe’ claims top prize at Westminster Dog Show:

Banana Joe is very appealing, in any language.

The little affenpinscher with a monkey face added to his world of success Tuesday night, winning best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club.

“He speaks German, Dutch, Spanish and English,” co-owner and breeder Mieke Cooijmans offered.

She was set to take Banana Joe back to the Netherlands on Wednesday. Now, the trip has been postponed for his victory lap.


Also in the best-of-seven final ring were a German wirehaired pointer ranked as the nation’s No. 1 show dog, an American foxhound, a Portuguese water dog, a bichon frise and a smooth fox terrier.

Banana Joe had never gotten this far before. He entered the last two Westminsters with a lot of fanfare, yet didn’t quite perform as expected and finished second in toy group judging each time.

Lara kept hoisting the dog officially named Banana Joe V Tani Kazari after he became the first affenpinscher to win at Westminster. The playful pooch enjoys tugging at his squeaky mouse toy – now he can put it in the prized silver bowl he won.

There were 2,721 entries in 187 breeds and varieties at the 137th Westminster, including a pair of newcomers, the treeing Walker coonhound and the Russell terrier. The Russell terrier drew a cheer when it made the initial cut in the terrier group.


Banana Joe, meanwhile, gets no prize money for winning Westminster. Instead, along with the silver bowl, the Garden champion earns a lifetime of prestige, plus lucrative breeding fees for its owners.

The Portuguese water dog – the same breed that romps around the White House with President Barack Obama’s family – also arrived at 20 months old. Matisse, who got his name because his owners are art lovers, showed well while Obama was delivering his State of the Union address.

Matisse beat out Fifi the Doberman in the working group. The Fifinator, as she’s known by her thousands of Facebook fans, won the group last year and came in second this time.

From, Westminster dog show: It’s all about ego:

Banana Joe has this little quirk. The affenpinscher with the monkeylike face shakes his oversized head so hard, he sometimes loses his balance.

That’s OK. At this level of competition at the Westminster dog show, having a big head helps.

“He has a huge impression of himself,” handler Ernesto Lara said.

Ditto for Jewel, the American foxhound that likes vanilla milkshakes. While her entourage fussed over her early win Monday night, Feb. 11, she looked around Madison Square Garden for more action.

“Right now, in her mind, she’s thinking this is exactly how it should’ve happened,” said John Miller, son of co-owner Lisa Miller. “She knows she’s awesome.”

A little ego can go a long way at America’s top pooch pageant, especially heading into the best in show pick Tuesday night.

Banana Joe won best of breed for the third straight year, then took the toy group. Jewel was the top hound and Honor the bichon frise won the nonsporting group — Ellen Charles co-owns both dogs.

“My lucky night,” she said.

An old English sheepdog earned herding honors. It was quite a surprise by Westminster standards — 90-pound Swagger is just 20 months old and had only entered three previous dog shows.

“Such a cool dog,” breeder-owner-handler Colton Johnson said.

Behind the scenes video of the pampering and grooming of these prized pooches, from the official “doggie concierge”:

Westminster Dog Show 2013 – V.I.P.: Very Important Pooch


Tweeted link to more dog show photos:

Celebrity/dog doppelgangers — humorous hat tip to the WKC:

Before Banana Joe won Best in Show, he won Best in Breed:

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