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The Blog Zone of the Frugal Café… where it’s chic to be cheap.

Coffee Smiley Face | Photo credit: Ballistik Coffee Boy, Flickr, Creative Commons

Coffee Smiley Face | Photo credit: Ballistik Coffee Boy, Flickr, Creative Commons

I hate waste. Always have.

Long before this recession hit, I’d been passionate and committed to sharing ideas about how to live better on less money, how to cutback on expenses without too much pain. How to recycle and reuse better.

Cafés in old Europe and early America were gathering places for the sharing of ideas and discussion of contemporary and political issues, away from the scrutiny of the government or government watchdogs/spies. And, drinking hot beverages while doing so, of course.

Social/political commentary is included in the blog about our government’s lack of frugality, the reckless waste of taxpayers’ money, and anything else in the news that dovetails with our philosophy. Conservative values rule here. I don’t care if it is a Democrat, Independent, or Republican — I’ll criticize any elected leader if he or she is a poor steward of our nation’s economy, freedoms, and free market principles. Most liberal websites won’t criticize Democrat politicians… don’t expect Republicans to get a free pass here.

Consider this a sanctuary for conservative discussions and exposing government actions that don’t adhere to the principles of our founding fathers and our US Constitution. While dissenting/diverse ideas are permitted, the content and tone will determine whether or not they will be approved for post. Because of the onslaught of vile and vulgar comment posts about Sarah Palin and her family, I’ve decided NONE will be accepted. It was tedious to read through all of them, just to find one or two tiny morsels that weren’t foul or hate-filled propaganda garbage. So, the new rule is if you don’t have something constructive to say about former Gov. Palin, don’t bother. I’m a huge supporter of hers, as are most of the blog’s readers. There are many anti-Palin blog sites out there… post there.

The main website, Frugal-Cafe.com, has articles on how families can save money, chefs’ cooking secrets, how to be more thrifty, how to cut back or do without, get more “bang for your buck,” DIY ideas for the home and other areas of your life. Famous folks who are making a difference and have a thrift-mindedness about them are showcased (likewise, those who embrace conspicuous consumption are highlighted). This is a fairly new website and its companion blog, but it’s growing.

Be wise… be frugal.



7 Responses to “About Frugal Café”

  1. kathryn perta says:

    You are doing a great job of scaring me. I hope you scare everybody else too. My concern is that we are singing to the choir. We need a national coalition of famous people to band together in a three-pronged approach to stop socialized health care, irresponsible spending/taxing and to offer a realistic approach to domestic energy production.We need to make a louder noise to reach those who have disengaged and have become the proverbial osterich. I know these people and they do not WANT to hear anything negative. What is it going to take???? Michelle, you have been doing fantastic investigative work and you speak out. It’s great; I love it, we all love it, but it needs to reach of the ears of the disengaged and misinformed. I will help any way I can.

    Kathryn P.

    • admin says:

      You bring up many valid points, to which I have no single answer. Sadly, I do not know any famous people. But I’m not convinced that is what is needed. For too long, we’ve let people who are usually uneducated except in the art of pretending or entertaining (i.e., actors, musicians, singers) to be our brains and voices. That’s ridiculous. They, like many others, don’t scratch below the surface. They were the ones that were mesmerized by Obama’s empty words, swept up like starry-eyed children by the lofty promises of a better world without asking, “How are you going to accomplish this?” or “What kind of changes are you talking about?” Obama was elected on the vague mantra “hope and change.” His followers never asked what that actually meant. Well, he meant he wanted to remake America, take it from its roots and change it to a socialist society. Research socialism. It does not work, although it does indeed make those at the top of the heap very rich, while distributing misery to the other 99 percent.

      Famous people are not the answer, although they can be of help. Instead, I believe that regular folks in America, like you and me, Kathryn, can accomplish what needs to be done. We must continue to do what we’re doing. Communicating with each other, researching and reviewing everything we can, and becoming informed. There are more of us than there is of them. But it means many Americans can’t just be lazy spectators. They must write to their congressmen, become engaged in local issues, talk to each other, go to tea party protests, support the right candidates for public office, and then, get off their butts and actually VOTE. Sounds hard (it isn’t) and time consuming (it is). But rather than being whiners of the MTV-instant-gratification generation, action rather than whining must take place.

      I know how you feel. I research and write about this change in America every single day. Some days, the events in DC are overwhelming and depressing. I get so weary. I love this country and what our founding fathers envisioned for it. So, when I feel like stopping and just kicking back, I wonder what would Ben Franklin do? Or Thomas Jefferson or James Madison or George Washington or John Adams or John Hancock or Patrick Henry or Samuel Johnson or Nathan Hale? Or our military in the war zones? Freedom is worth fighting for, America is worth fighting for. I’m sure our troops and our founding fathers all have had their days of wanting to stop, to enjoy life like a happy child, but they knew what had to be done. So they dusted themselves off and continued the battle. Because freedom and the rights of the individual are at stake. And those are too precious to lose.

      We can do this. I have great faith in people, and once more wake up to the travesty that is happening, I’m confident we can make a difference. We can bring America back to where she was originally conceived to be… the greatest nation on Earth, based on the provisions of our Constitution.

  2. Fiscally conservative. That’s hard to find these days! Keep up the awesome blog. Have you heard of Freedom Works? “Lower Taxes, Less Government, More Freedom” Would you consider adding us to your blogroll? Thanks.

  3. Ed Detlie says:

    Vicki, this isn’t really a post:

    Check out Jason Darrah’s blog, IowaBlogCabin.com, which I think you might like. He’s a little more socially moderate, but his self-styled “rants” are incredible. Okay, he also happens to be my son-in-law! He recently compared the fanfare for an incredibly courageous Medal of Honor winner who died, to the hoopla for Michael Jackson. I think you would really like it.

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Ed – I’m up against a deadline right now, but I definitely want to peruse the site later on today. You’ve probably already read my “rant” on Michael Jackson, or rather, on the people who are worshipping him. Not so much on MJ as against the idiocy of the liberal MSM hype machine.

      Appreciate the info, dear friend. 🙂

  4. I wrote the article in Big Hollywood about government waste. Thanks for posting. Would you like to exchange links?

    Glad that you’re in the fight.


  5. Gene Denos says:

    Health care in the United States is the costliest in the world. The result of this is the USA ranks Number 37th. You are better off in 36 other countries is you have health problems. If you have a problem and can’t afford to move to France (Number 1) then you might consider Canada (Number 30) over the USA (Don’t move to Mexico, they are Number 61). Our high cost is due primarily by the greed on health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and the inability of most Americans to easily avail themselves of alternatives. The bill passed by Congress was a watered down version that satisfied all the powers that be. Like the Medicare drug program passed under the Bush administration which was written by the pharmaceutical companies, the recent healthcare program passed is a complicated welfare plan for the medical establishment in our Country. Obama continues to kowtow to the moneyed interest is the hope of getting reelected. CREEP is still alive and well.