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Modernizing the Macabre, Spreading Spooky Cheer: Halloween’s Smash Hit Song “Monster Mash,” Updated (video)

| October 27, 2015

  Barely Political has updated Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s 1962 Halloween classic, “Monster Mash,” bringing it into the 21st century… with unforeseen, macabre results. The vintage monsters of the 1960s have been replaced by violent, contemporary psychotics, like cannibalistic serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter and “Nightmare on Elm Street’s” Freddie Krueger, in this modern-day Halloween musical […]

Lovely, Legendary Film Star during Golden Era of Hollywood, Actress Maureen O’Hara, Has Died… Rest in Peace

| October 26, 2015

  Sad news from over the weekend… feisty, red-haired beauty Maureen O’Hara, a major film star during the Golden Era of Hollywood, passed away at age 95. She died Saturday at her home in Boise, Idaho. Rest in peace, Maureen… Beidh tú a bheith caillte, dul le Dia. Maureen O’Hara passed away over the weekend. […]

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