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Unbelievable: Obama’s Fundraiser Motorcade in Los Angeles Blocks Pregnant Woman in Labor from Going to Hospital Across the Street, Forced to Wait a Half Hour (video)

| July 24, 2014

  Journalist Jim Treacher at Daily Caller calls this “a new low, even for Uncle Sam.” Indeed. Get some skin in the game, lowly pregnant woman — don’t you know that the Hollywood Fundraiser in Chief is nigh? Obama's Motorcade for Fundraiser Hinders #LA Woman in Labor. #KNBC LA shot the story, did not air […]

Prom Date Is Over… Obama Excludes the Press from Fundraisers, Meeting with Apollo 11 Astronauts, Formal Complaint Lodged (video)

| July 24, 2014

  The very same adoring press that shamelessly helped Barack Obama get elected twice by ignoring gaps and inconsistencies in his past, whitewashing or omitting unflattering information about Obama’s and the Democrat party’s mounting failures, is now being given the cold shoulder by POTUS. So many of these journalists were instrumental in painting the president […]

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