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'Mystery of the Double L's'... this Google doodle was posted on the search engine's homepage on September 27, 2009, celebrating Google's 11th birthday - it was the very first doodle to be showcased here at Frugal Café Blog Zone

‘Mystery of the Double L’s’… this Google doodle was posted on the search engine’s homepage on September 27, 2009, celebrating Google’s 11th birthday – it was the very first doodle to be showcased here at Frugal Café Blog Zone


Below are Frugal Café Blog Zone links to many of the Google homepage tributes (nicknamed “doodles”) that have been showcased on the search engine’s homepage for more than a decade. A sweeping range of fascinating events and breakthroughs have been presented, significant anniversaries in the fields of science, technology, entertainment, history, as well as holidays and birthdays of legendary authors, artists, sports figures, scientists, inventors, leaders, entertainers, and other folks who have been noteworthy “movers and shakers.”

September 27, 2009 was the first time that a Google doodle was featured on this blog. You may recall the “Googlle” doodle with the mysterious double L’s in Google’s name, as shown above. Turned out that the “double L’s” also looked like the number 11, and so, staff artists were paying cryptic homage to Google’s 11th anniversary/birthday. Every year, Google honors its own birthday on its homepage with a unique doodle, which seems rather self-absorbed, but makes sense as a marketing tool.

There have been many more celebratory doodles from Google’s team of artists and animation/computer programming whiz kids have produced over the years, so you can check out Google’s doodle archives for those that aren’t included here.


Google Doodles 2012-2013

2013 2012
Google’s Interactive Winter Zamboni Doodle, Tribute to Inventor Frank Zamboni’s 112th Birthday… Ice Rink Cleaning Game a Likely Productivity Killer Today (video)Google’s Creepy Doodle Pays Homage to Charles Addams, Macabre Creator of ‘The Addams Family’ (video)
“I Have a Dream” — Google Honors Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. & MLK Day on Today’s Homepage (video)Honoring Dr. King’s Birthday: MLK Day Google Doodle Tribute Today with “I Have a Dream” Artwork on Homepage
And Here’s to You, Jackie Robinson… Google Doodle Celebrates Black Baseball Legend’s 94th Birthday (video)Internet Protest Against SOPA & PIPA Grows: Google & WordPress Join In Against Congress
Google Pays 100th Birthday Tribute to Famous British Archaeologist & Anthropologist Mary LeakeyWinsome St. Valentine’s Day Animation of Boy & Girl on Google’s Homepage, Tony Bennett Sings ‘Cold, Cold Heart’ (video)
Happy 540th Birthday, Nicolaus Copernicus: Google’s Awesome Animated Tribute to Revolutionary Polish Scientist, Mathematician, & Astronomer (video)Google Doodle of Colorful, Animated Wave Commemorates German Physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz’s 155th Birthday (video)
Eirinn Go Brach! St. Patrick’s Day Google Doodle Features Animated Irish Children Dancing (video)Happy Leap Year! Italian Composer Gioachino Rossini’s 220th Birthday Celebrated on Google’s Homepage with Comical “Leap Frogs” (video)
No Easter Tribute on Google? No Joke — Google Celebrates Birthday of Labor Leader Cesar Chavez Instead, Atheists & Liberals Are ThrilledIreland Forever! Google Tribute to St. Patrick’s Day, Plus Trivia & Clips of Popular 1952 Irish Film “The Quiet Man”
Google Earth Day: Tranquil, Animated, Interactive Doodle Celebrates 43rd Anniversary (video)Awesome Google Homepage Animation of Galloping Horses Honors 182nd Birthday of British Photographer Eadweard J. Muybridge, Inventor of Zoopraxiscope (video)
“Dream a Little Dream of Me”… Google Honors “Queen of Jazz” Ella Fitzgerald on Her 96th Birthday (video)Garden Explosion… Floral Google Doodle on Homepage Pays Tribute to Earth Day (video)
Cinema-Cool Google Doodle Animation Pays Tribute to 93rd Birthday of Talented Filmmaker, Graphic Designer, & Hollywood Film Title Sequence Creator Saul Bass (video)Nifty Animated Zipper on Google Homepage Honors 132nd Birthday of Gideon Sundback, Engineering Father of Modern Zipper (video)
Interactive Mother’s Day Google Doodle Lets Users Create Mother’s Day Cards with Fun Card-Making Machine (video)138th Birthday of King Tut’s Tomb Discoverer, British Archaeologist Howard Carter, Honored Today with Doodle on Google Homepage (video)
Happy Memorial Day: Heartfelt Google Doodle Tribute Honoring Our Military & Their Families Was Designed by Wisconsin High School Girl, Has Won $30,000 College ScholarshipHappy Mothers’ Day! Charming Animated Doodle on Google Homepage (video)
Petri Dish Google Animation Celebrates 161st Birthday of German Bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri (video)Wicked-Cool Interactive Google Doodle Pays Tribute to Music Pioneer Robert Moog’s 78th Birthday & His Electronic Synthesizer (video)
Special Animated Google Doodle Honors 85th Birthday of Beloved Children’s Author & Artist Maurice Sendak (video)Dazzling, Bejeweled Easter Eggs — Google Doodle Tribute to Russian Jeweler Peter Carl Faberge’s 166th Birthday & His Famous Fabergé Eggs (video)
Happy Father's Day! Interactive Google Father's Day Animated Doodle Honors Dads Today (video)Fun Animated Google Doodle Celebrates 79th Anniversary of First Drive-In Theater (video)
Happy 4th of July! Google Homepage Tribute Features Interactive Doodle, 'Sea to Shining Sea,' Plus Independence Day Music Tributes (video)Google Creates Animated Doodle to Honor Father’s Day, & Some Bits of Father’s Day Trivia (video)
Roswell UFO Anniversary: Google’s Amusing, Creative Interactive Doodle with Alien & Flying Saucer (video)Google Honors 100th Birthday of British Computer Scientist, WWII Codebreaker, & Mathematician Alan Turing with Clever Animated Doodle (video)
Trailblazer of the American Skies: Remarkable Female Astronomer Maria Mitchell Honored Today with Google Doodle on Her 195th BirthdayFirst Female Aviator Amelia Earhart’s 115th Birthday Honored with Doodle on Google’s Homepage (video)
Google Doodle Honors Austrian Physicist Erwin Schrödinger’s 126th Birthday & His Famous “Cat in a Box” Paradox to Explain Quantum Physics (video)Let the Games Begin… Google’s Homepage Commemorates Opening Ceremony for London 2012 Summer Olympics (video)
French Composer Claude Debussy's 151st Birthday Honored with Special Animated Google Doodle Playing 'Clair de Lune' (video)Bon Appétit — Google Doodle Pays Tribute to 100th Birthday of Remarkable Cooking Legend Julia Child (video)
Martin Luther King Made His Historic “I Have a Dream Speech” 50 Years Ago Today, MLK Anniversary Tribute on Google (video)“To Boldly Go…” 46th Anniversary of TV’s “Star Trek” Honored with Cool, Interactive Google Doodle (video)
Google Celebrates Inventor & Physicist Jean Bernard Léon Foucault's 194th Birthday with Animated Pendulum Doodle That Models Earth's Rotation on Its Axis (video)Ambitious, Animated Google Doodle Honors 107th Anniversary of Winsor McCay’s Brilliantly Surreal Comic Strip, “Little Nemo in Slumberland” (video)
Interactive Piñata Fun at Google to Celebrate the Search Engine's 15th Birthday & Launch of New Hummingbird Search Algorithm (video)“Happy Little Trees” — Google Honors 70th Birthday of Artist Bob Ross with Homepage Doodle (video)
Ironic & Sad: Google Honors Yosemite National Park's 123rd Anniversary on Same Day As Government ShutdownHappy Google Halloween! Today’s Interactive, Innovative Doodle Pays Tribute to Spooky Animated Ghouls & Ghosts (video)
Google Honors 88th Birthday of Talented Cuban-American "Queen of Salsa" Celia Cruz (video)An American Tradition: Thanksgiving Google Doodle Celebrates Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (video)
Oh Mon Dieu! Google Pays Homage to French Balloonist André-Jacques Garnerin with Fun, Interactive Game of First Successful Parachute Jump (video)Google’s New Year’s Eve Homepage Tribute Rather Self-Promoting, Doodle of Previous 2012 Doodles
Legendary Hollywood Costume Designer Edith Head Given 116th Birthday Tribute on Google Homepage (video) 
Bubble, Bubble, Toil, & Trouble: Google's Interactive Halloween Doodle Has Witch Concocting a Brew in a Cauldron (video) 
Google Doodle Tribute to Legendary Mid-Century Industrial Designer Raymond Loewy's 120th Birthday (video) 
Google Honors Swiss Psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach's 129th Birthday with His Famous Inkblots Test (video) 
Veterans Day: To Our Heroes, America Thanks You for Your Service & Sacrifice, Stores & Restaurants Offering Freebies & Discounts, Google Veterans Day Doodle Tribute (video) 
Happy Thanksgiving! Google's Charming Animated Tribute to Thanksgiving on Home Page, with Woodland Animals (video) 


Google Doodles 2010-2011

Google’s Doodle Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King & MLK Day (video)Clever Animated “Apples” Google Logo Honors Sir Isaac Newton on His Birthday
Below the Sea: Awesome Interactive Google Logo Celebrates Jules Verne’s 183rd Birthday (video)Google Logo: A Creative, Wonderful Tribute to Martin Luther King Day (video)
Happy Valentine’s Day… A Toast to Love: Google’s Homepage Tribute to Iconic “LOVE” Sculpture by American Pop Artist Robert IndianaSlice of Americana: Google Logo Tribute to Artist Norman Rockwell’s 116th Birthday
Google & the Bunsen Burner: Tribute to Brilliant Chemist Robert Wilhelm Bunsen’s 200th Birthday (video)Google Home Page Logo Today Salutes Beginning of 2010 Olympics Vancouver Games, Plus Some Opening Ceremony Highlights
Who Wants Ice Cream? Tribute on Google Homepage to 119th Anniversary of First Ice Cream Sundae (video)Kumaritashvili’s Tragic Death: Olympics Athletes Worry about Safety of Luge Track, Google Logo Honors Luge Athlete Killed — Update: Google Luge Logo Removed
Little Tramp Tribute: Silent Film Legend Charlie Chaplin’s Birthday Celebrated on Google (video)Google’s Tribute to Composer Vivaldi… Happy 332nd Birthday, Antonio! (video)
Google’s Earth Day Tribute: Homepage’s Animated Water & Animal Scene Honors 41st Anniversary of Environmental Movement (video)Happy Pi Day! Google Homepage Logo Tribute Today, Free Pie at Marie Callender’s (video)
Birds Gotta Fly… John James Audubon’s Birthday Honored on Google’s Home Page (video)Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2010… Google Logo Honors This Special Day in Irish History – Éirinn go brách! (video)
Happy Mothers’ Day — Cool Music Parody of “Mommy Rhapsody” & New Google Logo for MomGoogle Homepage Logo… But, Wait — Why Does It Say Topeka?
Controversial Modern Dance Legend Martha Graham’s 117th Birthday Celebrated on Google Homepage (video)Beloved Danish Author Hans Christian Andersen’s Birthday Honored in Special Google Logo Series (video)
Google Doodle Celebrates Children’s Artist & Author Richard Scarry’s 92nd Birthday (video)Google Logo Honors Hubble Space Telescope’s 20th Anniversary, Plus Amazing Photos from Space (video)
So Cool: Animated & Interactive Guitar Home Page for Google’s Tribute to Les Paul’s 96th Birthday (video)Mothers’ Day: Celebrities’ Musings, Quotes, & Anecdotes on Mothers, Plus Google’s Logo Dedication to Moms Everywhere
Productivity Lost: Google’s Les Paul Guitar Homepage Doodle Cost Staggering 10.7 Million Man Hours Playing
Too Awesome: Google Home Page Logo Today, Interactive Pac-Man Video Doodle Celebrates Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary
Father’s Day Tribute on Google, Plus Some Great Moments with America’s Iconic TV Fathers (video)Google Doodle Logo: 110th Birthday Tribute to Dennis Gabor, Nobel Prize Winner & Inventor of Holography
Japanese “Superflat” Artist Takashi Murakami’s Summer & Winter Solstices Celebrated on Google’s Homepage (video)Google’s Father’s Day Logo Doodle… Plus, Classic Clips of Special TV Dad Moments (video)
Fourth of July Extravaganza — Google Homepage Tribute to America, Patriotic 4th of July Music Tributes & Quotes, Bob Hope’s USO Show for Our Deployed Troops (video)Beginning of Summer: Four Google Summer Solstice Logos & Stonehenge Pilgrimmage
Pea Pod Tribute to Father of Genetics at Google: Gregor Mendel’s 189th Birthday (video)Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo’s Birthday Honored on Google Homepage, Actress Salma Hayek on the Making of 2002 “Frida” Biopic (video)
Happy 100th Birthday, Lucille Ball! Google’s Animated Doodle Pays Tribute to Red-Haired Comedienne (video)Art Nouveau Artist Alphonse Mucha: Google Homepage Logo Celebrates His 150th Birthday (video)
Argentine Author & Poet Jorge Luis Borges’ 112th Birthday Celebrated on Google Homepage (video)Follow the Yellow Brick Road… Google’s Homepage Honors 71st Anniversary of Beloved MGM Fantasy Musical, “The Wizard of Oz” (video)
Fabulous Animated Google Doodle of “Don’t Stop Me Now” Honors Freddie Mercury’s 65th Birthday (video)Fullerene on Google Homepage Commemorates 25th Anniversary of Discovery of the Buckyball (video)
Orange Blossom Special: Google Homepage Honors 118th Birthday of the Discoverer of Vitamin C, Hungarian Physiologist Albert Szent-Györgyi (video)Follow the Bouncing Balls… Google’s Mysterious Home Page Logo Uses Wacky Bouncing Balls (video)
Happy 13th Birthday, Google! Charming, Simple Birthday Party Doodle Today on HomepageHave Some Cake! New Google Logo Today to Celebrate Google’s 12th Birthday
It’s Gumby! Google Honors Stop-Motion Creator Art Clokey’s 90th Birthday on Homepage (video)Google Pays Animated “Imagine” Tribute to Former Beatles John Lennon’s 70th Birthday… Yoko Ono Talks About John (video)
It’s a Small World: Legendary, Childlike Disney Cartoon & Theme Park Artist Mary Blair Honored on Google’s Homepage for Her 100th Birthday (video)God Bless Our Troops: Veterans Day Video Tribute
Google’s Zany Time-lapse Halloween Pumpkin Carving Doodle Today… Happy Halloween! (video)Google Homepage Logo Honors Scottish Author Robert Louis Stevenson’s 160th Birthday (video)
Because We Can Never Thank Our Vets Enough… God Bless Our Veterans on This Veterans Day, America Thanks You (video)Thanksgiving Google Logo Tribute Today… Artwork by Popular TV Chef Ina Garten, “The Barefoot Contessa,” Plus Her Thanksgiving Recipes & Video Cooking Demos
Presto-Chango Turkey on Google’s Homepage — Fun, Interactive Thanksgiving Doodle (video)First Lady of Civil Rights: Rosa Parks & Her Historic Refusal to Give Up Her Bus Seat 55 Years Ago Is Honored on Google’s Homepage
Author Mark Twain’s 176th Birthday Celebrated on Google with ‘Tom Sawyer’ Fence Whitewashing Scene (video)Holidays 2010 Google Doodle: Celebrates with Interactive Portraits of Holiday Scenes from Around the World (video)
Mexican Muralist Diego Rivera’s Birthday Honored with Google Doodle (video)
Yuletide Tribute: Google’s Animated Musical Christmas Doodle Plays ‘Jingle Bells,’ Plus a Google Surprise of Snow (video)


Google Doodles 2009

Mystery of 2 “L’s” on Google’s Homepage
Google’s Doodles Honor Sesame Street’s 40th Anniversary… Happy Birthday, Big Bird! (video) - Update: Cookie Monster in New Google Logo - Update Nov. 6: Bert & Ernie in Today’s Google Doodle Logo - Nov. 7, Oscar the Grouch Added - Nov. 8, Hello, Elmo! - Updated Nov. 9, The Count Added - Updated Nov. 10, The Gang’s All Here!
Veterans Day Art Tribute: New Google Doodle Logo, Norman Rockwell Military Tributes
Thanksgiving Google Logo… Snoopy and Woodstock
Popeye Google Logo Celebrates Cartoonist E.C. Segar’s Birthday
Google Logo Honors Esperanto Day, 150th Anniversary of Birth of Esperanto Creator L. L. Zamenhof
New December Google Logo Launched Today… Happy Holidays Series 2009 Begins; UPDATED: Lame & Disappointing Google Christmas Logo

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