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Celebration: Victory in Europe 70th Anniversary Is Today, V-E Day Marked End of WWII in Europe (video)

| May 8, 2015

  Seven decades ago today, World War II was officially declared over in Europe. Victory in Europe, (aka VE Day, V-E Day, or simply V Day), was a day of tremendous relief and celebration. The previous week, on April 30, ruthless Nazi leader Adolf Hitler had committed suicide during the Battle of Berlin. Today’s anniversary […]

Sentry Slapstick: Buckingham Palace Guard Trips & Falls in Front of Tourists during Changing of the Guard (video)

| April 16, 2015

  The Changing of the Guard ceremony outside Britain’s Buckingham Palace, the principal royal residence since 1837, is a major tourist attraction. This week, one of the somber palace guards tripped over a manhole cover and fell in front of hundreds of tourists. Reported by Daily Mail: This is the embarrassing moment a Buckingham Palace […]

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