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Obama’s Unaffordable Health Care: Harvard Faculty Outraged That Obamacare Will Increase the Costs of Their Health Care

| January 6, 2015

  Liberal Harvard professors supported and pushed for ObamaCare since Day 1. They’re now up in arms that the Democrats’ government-mandated health care plan, with its stunning increase in costs, will be forced upon them. Imagine that. As expected, Harvard is outraged. Cry me a river, you hypocrites… Sweet, sweet schadenfreude: Harvard faculty who championed […]

Spoofy ObamaCare Video Contest Entry: “If Millionaire Celebrities Can Afford Us, Why Can’t You?” (video)

| August 28, 2013

  What does Team Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services do when more and more Americans are wising up to the horrific restrictions, costs, penalties, and exposed falsehoods of ObamaCare? Why, they launch a pro-Obamacare propaganda video contest, of course. Funded by American taxpayers, this contest is a painfully obvious attempt to recruit the […]

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