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VP Joe Biden Has Decided to Not Run for President, Biker Chicks Sigh with Relief Across Nation

| October 21, 2015

  Sadly, VP Joe Biden announced just a few minutes ago, following months of playing coy with the media and Democrat voters, that he won’t be running for president. Biker chicks across America are sighing with relief. Conservative and Republican pundits are sighing with disappointment. A year of potentially non-stop faux-pas hilarity, of rip-roaring, skinny-dipping, […]

NJ Democrat Woman Makes Final Obituary Request to Friends & Family, “In Lieu of Flowers, Don’t Vote for Hillary Clinton”

| August 20, 2015

  Politics from the grave: Please don’t send flowers. This anti-Hillary Clinton obituary request is not the first, but is the most recent public request made by a deceased person against Clinton’s bid for the presidency. For the record, Elaine Fydrych was a registered Democrat who had become increasingly stunned and disappointed by Clinton’s actions […]

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