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Not the News the White House Touts: Labor Dept Reports Record 89,967,000 Americans Not in Labor Force, Another 663,000 Dropped Out in March

| April 6, 2013

  Despite the stream of “happy happy, joy joy” news released by the White House and the mainstream media about the tiny increase of jobs in America, the full, big-picture truth is far from cheery. The US Department of Labor has just released some disturbing news that Democrats would likely prefer Americans didn’t know. More […]

Manhattan Institute’s Andrew Klavan Takes a Closer Look at the Obvious Flaws of Obamanomics, Chuck Norris Slams Obama’s Overspending (video)

| September 12, 2012

  Why, asks Andrew Klavan with the Manhattan Institute in the video below, is Pres. Obama so strangely unconcerned about the private sector? Klavan explains that in Obama’s twisted Keynesian economics/anti-free market mind, America’s economic stagation is due to a lack of government spending. And Klavan explains just how flawed this pro-big government, entitlements for […]

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