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Going Rambo: Shameful Harvard Business Professor vs. Mom & Pop Chinese Restaurant Over $4 Charge on Take-out Bill, HBS Guy Threatens Legal Action

| December 11, 2014

A Massachusetts news story this week about a Harvard Business School associate professor “going Rambo” against a mom-and-pop Chinese restaurant is a real stunner. The story is about a $4 price discrepancy for take-out food that HBS prof Ben Edelman ordered from The Sichuan Garden, a Chinese restaurant that was founded by the owner’s parents […]

Hype, Blame, & Memory Loss: POTUS Obama Is Disconnected, Says He Sometimes Forgets the Recession (video)

| May 13, 2012

  This week, Pres. Obama admitted, while at a posh Hollywood fundraiser at actor George Clooney’s mansion, that he sometimes forgets the magnitude of the recession in America. Stunning disconnect. Per polls, 76 percent of Americans believe the country is still in a recession. An even larger number, 81 percent, are dissatisfied with the economy. […]

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