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Thank You, Taxpayers… Welfare Recipients Using EBT Cards to Buy Recreational Marijuana in Colorado

| July 22, 2014

  When Colorado legalized recreational marijuana use earlier this year, how many of you suspected this kind of welfare/EBT card abuse happening at marijuana dispensaries? Thanks for the free cannibis, taxpayer dudes… Welfare for Weed: Colorado Allows EBT Withdrawals at Pot Shops   Reported by National Review Online, Welfare Cash for Weed in Colorado: For […]

Nanny State Update: FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s Expensive, Talking Shopping Carts to “Nudge” American Consumers to Buy the “Right” Foods in Grocery Stores

| July 18, 2014

  Did George Orwell ever envision this in his futuristic police state? Creepy and disturbing… more Food Police mandates are on the horizon from the White House Control Maven, First Lady Michelle Obama. Reported by Ben Velderman at EAG News, With nation’s school lunches fundamentally transformed, Michelle O eyes ‘talking shopping carts’: WASHINGTON, D.C. – […]

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