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“Marketplace Fairness Act”: Harry Reid Pushing Onerous, Nationwide Internet Sales Tax Bill Through Senate with Obama’s Blessings (video)

| April 23, 2013

  Pres. Barack Obama endorses the Internet sales tax that is being rushed through the Democrat-controlled Senate. The disaster this could cause for small online businesses, forced to collect taxes from customers across the country who live in states with no sales tax or with varying sales taxes, could decimate, even destroy online commerce. Additionally, […]

God Bless & Rest in Peace, Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher Has Died at Age 87, Called Britain’s “Ronald Reagan” (video)

| April 8, 2013

  “Let us not be dismayed by our difficulties. Rather let us be stirred by the challenge. The greater the difficulty, the greater the scope and call for action.” ~ Margaret Thatcher She was an inspiration, a maverick, a true, fearless conservative who fought against the tyranny and devastation of big government and socialism and […]

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