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Price of Gas Higher for First Week in October Than It’s Been in Years, California’s Gov. Brown to Sell Cheaper Winter-Blend Fuel Early to Solve Gas Shortages

| October 11, 2012

Gas prices continue to skyrocket — Obama’s “Truth Team” must be scrambling to find a way to blame George W. Bush for this. Per reports, this past week’s gas prices set a record for gas prices for the first week in October since 2004 — so blaming Bush will be mighty tricky for President Zero. […]

Newest Lame Excuse for His Terrible Prez Debate: NYT Claims Barack Lost Because of His “Disdain” for Romney, Obama Admits to Hollywood Fans He “Goofed” Up

| October 8, 2012

  Remember all the excuses made by the New England Patriots after losing to the New York Giants following Super Bowl XLVI, blaming their loss on their “disdain” for the Giants? Remember their week-long belly-aching about how they didn’t want to appear too aggressive, blaming the thin air and elevation of Indianapolis, Indiana for their […]

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