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And So It Begins… Team Obama Shuts Down Oil Drilling in Western United States

| November 10, 2012

  Pres. Barack Obama has been hell-bent to shut down oil production in the country, wanting US citizens to use non-existent or expensive “green” energy instead. Now that he has been elected for a second term, he’s wasting no time to make that a stark reality by closing off more than a million acres of […]

California’s Gas Supplies Now Rationed, Gasoline Costs Skyrocketing Across Nation — UPDATE: Gas in Calabasas, CA Hits $5.69 a Gallon for Regular, $5.99 for Premium+

| October 5, 2012

  When gas prices go up, so do the costs of everything. If you think it’s bad now, experts are saying this is just the beginning and to expect costs to hit near $5 a gallon soon (update below). To make matters even more dire, gasoline is now being rationed in California. When he was […]

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