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Hopenchange in 2013: Gas Prices Zoom Back Up, More Than Five Bucks a Gallon in Los Angeles

| February 17, 2013

Hopenchange in 2013… and the liberal media yawns once again about skyrocketing gas prices. Photo taken and posted on Thursday, Valentine’s Day, at LA’s The Source… the Chevron station on Alameda Street near Union Station in Los Angeles, California shows on its sign that regular gas is now $5.11 a gallon:   The price of […]

No Love This Valentine’s Day for America’s Small Businesses (video)

| February 13, 2013

  The road is still precarious for America’s small businesses, and once government-mandated ObamaCare fully kicks in, even more private sector businesses will be in dire trouble. This will further hurt the lower and middle clasess across the country with more layoffs, cutbacks in worker hours, hiring freezes, and more businesses going belly up. Today […]

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