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Lovely, Legendary Film Star during Golden Era of Hollywood, Actress Maureen O’Hara, Has Died… Rest in Peace

| October 26, 2015

  Sad news from over the weekend… feisty, red-haired beauty Maureen O’Hara, a major film star during the Golden Era of Hollywood, passed away at age 95. She died Saturday at her home in Boise, Idaho. Rest in peace, Maureen… Beidh tú a bheith caillte, dul le Dia. Maureen O’Hara passed away over the weekend. […]

Cinema’s Crystal Ball: “Back to the Future” Day & the Film’s Technology Predictions That Came True (video)

| October 21, 2015

  Predicting the future has always been hit and miss in the film industry — mostly miss. However, “Back to the Future Part II” has predicted correctly and gotten more right than most sci-fi films have. And today, October 21, 2015, has special significance in the movie. It is the date to which Michael J […]

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