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Droll Tweet Regarding Obama Bumper Stickers

| February 10, 2014

  Caught this tweet of a bumper sticker on Twitchy this morning… it succinctly makes its point: Of course you don't see any "Obama" stickers. I'm driving to work! — Republican Security (@RSCGOP) February 8, 2014 Read this post by Doug Ross about people quitting their jobs, thanks to Obamacare. This line from his […]

Limbaugh Transcript on Obama Era’s Decrease in Jobs for Women, Except for Waitressing

| September 20, 2013

  Underemployment and under-compensation are under-reported in the media, and among working women, this dire situation is taking its toll during the Era of Obama. Income gains for American women has dropped, and many have had to take on two or more jobs, when they can find them, just to pay the bills. Since 2009, […]

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