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Millions of Illegal Immigrants Will Be Protected to Stay Here in U.S. Under Obama’s Unpopular Amnesty Plan

| November 14, 2014

  Pres. Barack Obama has said on a number of occasions that he intended to flex his executive action muscles to drastically change America’s illegal immigration policies, with or without the consent, or even the involvement, of Congress. On this issue, anyway, he’s a man of his word. So what if this goes against the […]

ACU Announces “Defenders of Liberty’s” Perfect Conservative Voting Score for Senate in 2012: Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, Mitch McConnell, Pat Toomey, Jon Kyl

| February 24, 2013

  It’s a little like the Oscar awards, but instead of the movie industry voting for “best” films and actors, it’s an analysis by a conservative organization of the voting records of our elected lawmakers in Washington, DC. And there is no insufferable 3-hour televised self-congratulatory ceremony hosted by Chris Rock, David Letterman, Anne Hathaway, […]

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