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U.S. Federal Prisons to Release 6,000 Non-violent Convicts Early, One-Time Release Meant to Ease Overcrowded Prisons

| October 6, 2015

  American federal prisons have been popping at the seams for years now, and with those high prison populations come high price tags. Funded almost entirely by American taxpayers. To solve this escalating problem of prison overcrowding, as well as rocketing costs, should we build more new prisons or should our federal government release some […]

Obama’s Plan to Shut Down Guantánamo Bay Military Detention Camp Is Hitting Resistance from Sec. of Defense, Majority of American Voters Want Gitmo Kept Open

| July 22, 2015

  Since taking office in 2008, Pres. Barack Obama has been obsessed with shutting down Guantánamo Bay military detention camp in Caimanera, Cuba and relocating its dangerous prisoners elsewhere, including to detention centers on American soil. The president’s plan is now hitting a brick wall. Ashton B. Carter, a Democrat and Obama’s newly appointed United […]

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