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It’s All About Obama, Of Course… President Refers to Himself Either 68 or 97 Times During US-Africa Summit Speech (video)

| August 6, 2014

  Yesterday, President Barack Obama referred to himself 97 times, per Grabien calculations, while delivering a US-Africa Summit speech at the U.S.-Africa Business Forum in Washington, D.C. This many references to himself (earlier today, the number was reported to be a mere 68), in a speech that was not suppose to be a speech about […]

Obama Is Ill-Equipped to Deal with Putin, 100,000 Russian Troops Are Now At Ukraine Border, Ready for Invasion, Krauthammer on Obama’s Weak Leadership (video)

| March 28, 2014

  The world is watching as Pres. Vladimir Putin increases the number of Russian troops at the Ukraine border to 100,000 and Pres. Barack Obama pleads with the Russian leader to take his troops and go home. Putin is thumbing his nose and could invade Ukraine “at a moment’s notice.” Obama vs. Putin, the mismatch, […]

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